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10 Quick and easy chalk art projects to try today!

Life of Colour Chalk Markers are available in 12 vibrant classic colours and are safe for children to use as they are non-toxic, water based and dust-free alternative to chalk. The 6mm round tip and 6mm chisel tip allows for different types of lettering and drawing styles.

Fully washable off all non-porous surfaces; eg. blackboard (wet erase), glass (dry erase) and permanent on porous surfaces (paper, wood etc)

We have put together 10 quick and easy ideas to use your chalk markers the minute you get them! 

1- Tile art

A plain coloured tile can become the perfect canvas and the only limit is your imagination!

Before starting your project perhaps you might sketch an idea of what you would like to create then use that as a guide. 

A few notes before you begin decorating your tiles: be sure to clean the surface you plan to decorate with alcohol or hot soapy water to remove any grease and oil left on the tiles, be sure the surface is dry then you can get started. 

Terracotta pot with red orchids 

Funky rainbow mosaic 

2- Mini display signs

Small businesses are doing it tough at the moment and one way of saving money is to DIY.

Making signs and displays yourself can save buying or hiring someone to do it for you plus when you use the Life of Colour Chalk paint pens on surfaces you can remove it later to update the signage! 

Mirror Sticker Display Signs

3- Mirror messages

In my hallway is a mirror that I have found to be a great surface for the chalk markers to use and to place an uplifting message for my family members and any guests. Welcome messages, funny one liners or even reminders about grabbing your swim gear for the day would also be great! 

Just bee yourself message

4- Window art colouring for kids

Grab your white chalk marker and create a masterpiece colouring in window canvas for your children to join in the fun!

Using chalks can be a dusty and messy job but with the life of colour chalk paint pens the kids can get busy and play without all the drama of cleaning up.

A family that “arts” together stays together!

Window Boho birdy colouring in 

5- Fridge Menu

Family meals provide an opportunity for family members to come together, strengthen the sense of belonging and build better relationships. Creating menus together can save the stress of decision making later and everyone can get involved! Make it even more fun by drawing pictures of the food on the menu.

Try the Life of Colour chalk pens on the surface of your fridge to display menus, recipes and even shopping lists then next week you can remove the old lists and menu to display brand new ones.

6- Microwave Notes

“Cooking is one of the strongest ceremonies for life. When recipes are put together, the kitchen is a chemical laboratory involving air, fire, water and the earth. This is what gives value to humans and elevates their spiritual qualities. If you take a frozen box and stick it in the microwave, you become connected to the factory.” - Laura Esquivel

If you are constantly on the go you need to be prepared and having a meal ready to go with a reminder note written on the microwave is a great way to ensure that you will get a good start to your day. 

7- Pet Care Schedule 

Leaving a schedule, notes and instructions on how to care for your pets is easy using the Life of Colour Chalk pens, it's even easier than leaving a note that could be lost.  

8- Picture frame Scribble 

Chalk paint pens are simple to use on so many surfaces. I went around the house grabbing anything testing them out and I found a picture frame with a glass front (plastic and Perspex would also work well) that I got busy scribbling a love note to my husband.

No matter what level of craftsmanship you have, creating a love note picture frame can be an enjoyable and inexpensive project, and the perfect gift to show someone how much you care.

9- Unicorn blackboard sign

If you wanting to decorate your children’s room with their favourite theme purchase a poster size blackboard and a set of Life of Colour chalk paint pens and you can create a poster to suit their interests - plus when they change their style you can update the blackboard to suit their needs! 

Step by step Unicorn chalkboard art with liquid chalk pens

10- Signs for your shop

We wanted to make sure that artists of all ages and skill levels can create for hours with so many surfaces being suitable for using our chalk pens so we haven’t forgotten about the older style of chalkboard price list with cursive script.

Choose from 12 vibrant classic colours: gold, silver, black, brown, orange, green, yellow, white, pink, red, blue and purple to create a masterpiece of your own today!

Ready to create?

Gather even more inspiration and tips on how to use your liquid chalk pens in our blog!

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