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How to Use Liquid Chalk Markers

This week we are launching our Liquid Chalk Pens and want to introduce you to some techniques and all the possible ways you can use Life of Colour Chalk Markers.

Life of Colour Chalk Markers are available in 12 vibrant classic colours and are safe for children to use as they are non-toxic, water based and dust-free alternative to chalk. The 6mm round tip and 6mm chisel tip allows for different types of lettering and drawing styles.

We wanted to make sure that artists of all ages and skill levels can create for hours, without having to worry about chalk’s dust and messiness. Our Chalk Pens are multi-purpose and are used by teachers, kids, adults, restaurant owners and lettering artists for wedding signs, house window decoration, menus, LED boards, wine glasses, mirror messages and more.


Chalk markers are very pigmented and easy to use on a wide range of surfaces. They can be used on all kinds of non-porous surfaces, including mirrors, shop windows, whiteboards, glass, house windows, blackboard stickers etc.     

Our set of liquid chalk markers features 12 vibrant classic colours that will become a staple in your crafty rotation: gold, silver, black, brown, orange, green, yellow, white, pink, red, blue and purple. 


DIY Chalk Marker Lettering

When you think of chalk lettering you are probably thinking of a restaurant or shop blackboard, or a wedding reception sign… but with liquid chalk markers you can bring chalk art and lettering into most non-porous surfaces.

You can revamp the frame of an old wooden window by lettering a quote - and upcycle an old window into a decorative sign! You can add positive statements and doodles on the edges of a mirror, or turn your fridge into a note-taking station.

You don't have to be a lettering or calligraphy expert to pretty blackboard signs either. DIY lettering is a lot easier to tackle using the chisel and bullet reversible nib on your chalk markers to help you achieve uniform upstrokes and downstrokes on your letters.

Art by Jessica Dagleish @jessyd_designs

Credit: Marvellaletters

Get yourself familiarised with blackboard font styles and characters and loose the fear of beginning! Chalk lettering is very easy to make when you have with vibrant, juicy chalk pens that come with a reversible nib (if you haven’t added them to cart yet, go now!). You can swap the nib on Life of Colour chalk pens while you paint, to make sure your lettering stays consistent.

    Chalk art on windows and mirrors

    Liquid chalk is very easy to wipe off from non-porous surfaces, such as mirrors,  windows, whiteboards and glass. Making it perfect to make temporary (and easy to wipe off) art on your home and business windows!

    Here are some amazing chalk art pieces made on windows, with creative use of colour, shape and pattern.

    Use your windows as a canvas and paint like you would normally on a piece of paper! Create thin and thick lines by using the reversible chisel nib. You can also take advantage of the chisel nib to fill our larger portions of your design.

    When you are bored, grab a damp cloth and simply wipe off the chalk from your windows. Since it's a non-porous surface, you can use a dry cloth while the chalk is wet - and will need a wet cloth to erase once it's dried.

    Credit: Melissa Launay

    Credit: Erja Hirvi

    Image by famillesummerbelle

    Credit: famillesummerbelle

    Credit: Bine Brändle

    Do chalk markers make make any dust?

    No, they don't! With our liquid chalk markers, the colour sits on the surface and there is no dust flying in the air while painting or cleaning.

    They are also odorless and non-toxic.

    Chalk markers contain a water-based colour solution, making it the perfect solution for people who is allergic to chalk dust but want to enjoy the benefits of chalk lettering, chalk art, erasable calendars and painting on glass and other non-porous surfaces. It can even be used on the classroom.

    How to clean chalk markers

    A question you probably have is: are chalk markers permanent? Can I erase and draw again?

    Cleaning the chalk markers from non-porous surfaces is very easy, this helps you a lot while you are learning because you can correct swiftly if you make a mistake. Surfaces like glass and whiteboards can be cleaned with a dry cloth, but for blackboards and other non-porous surfaces with more texture, we recommend keeping a damp cloth with you for a quick wet-erase and a paper towel to wipe the surface dry.

    Seasoned chalk lettering artists also recommend using a small make-up brush or Q-Tips to neaten your edges.

    While liquid chalk is very easy to wipe off from non-porous surfaces (mirrors, windows, whiteboards, glass, blackboard stickers, etc), you should check on a hidden spot of your surface if you are suspecting it might not be non-porous.

    Some surfaces, like glass, are suitable for dry erase; while others will require a wet cloth as mentioned above, like blackboards, blackboard stickers, etc.

    Please note, the liquid chalk markers are permanent on porous surfaces such as wood and paper. Perform a small test on porous materials before painting with chalk markers to make sure you are able to wipe it off if needed.

    Create with chalk markers today!

    We hope you are now excited to use chalk pens to turn photo frames, mirrors, windows, dry erase boards, chalkboard and many other non-porous surfaces into art pieces!

    Life of Colour liquid chalk markers are mess-free, odourless, non-toxic, and fully washable off all non-porous surfaces. Create without dust or chalk accumulating on your hands, floor and furniture.

    Each set of 12 pens comes with a white chalk pen, a black chalk pen, two metallic colours and eight other shades to create wonderful art with.

    10 Quick and easy chalk art projects to try today!

    We have put together 10 quick and easy ideas to use your chalk markers the minute you get them!

    Step by step Unicorn chalkboard art with liquid chalk pens

    Dreaming of a little magic unicorn to display on a wall somewhere in your house? Give this easy to follow chalkboard unicorn a go using the new Life of Colour Chalk Markers and light up the face of all of the unicorn lovers in your life!

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    April 02, 2022

    Just wondering if I was to use these with my kindy children on a glass jar would it stay put? Or would I have to seal it with something.
    Looking at children decorating a glass jar for their dad and filling it with kindy Mae honeycomb treats

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