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9 ways to colour your life with Life of Colour paint pens

Our paint pens can literally colour the world.

Nothing in your house is safe when Life of Colour is about. 

Your kitchen jars, kids book covers, stationary boxes, old clothes and shoes, wooden tables, ceramic mugs, post box, front door goes on...everything can be coloured!

Here we will show you a few examples of some of the fun stuff we have coloured over the past few weeks. Some of these are from customers who sent us pictures to show off their work. 

Some paint pen rules.

  • Non-porous surfaces will not be permanent and can be wiped off with a cleaning fluid
  • Porous surfaces will be permanent
  • Glass and ceramic should be baked  in a home over for 30-60 minutes at 150-180 degrees celsius to permanently waterproof the design.
  • The paints are not dishwasher safe (with personal experience they will fade a bit in the dishwasher)
  • To fix your paint to fabric, iron it without steam on the reverse side. It's also a good idea to wash the fabric before painting on it

Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee any of the above as all surfaces and materials will work differently. The best thing you can do is try and test. 


So, what are you going to colour today? Here are a few ideas.


Our youngest brand ambassador here in Australia is the incredibly talented Ella. Its_artsy_ella on Instagram. She painted these shoes with her Glitter paint pens, and very soon she will be sharing a video tutorial of how to paint flower shoes! Keep a look out!

paint your shoes with life of colour pens


Our customer Hayley painted this box with her Life of Colour pens. It is part of her own bee yard in her garden! What a happy place for bees to live :) Add colour to any box including your post box. To weather proof it add some sealer (simple British paint sealer from Bunnings, same sealer you would use on your rocks)

fun design on boxes

Water Bottles

This is a personal project I did for my daughters school water bottle. Its a cheap $5 bottle from K-Mart. Confession, I sometimes chuck it in the dish washer, but if the colour fades i just go over it again. Again, seal it after you have painted to keep it brighter for longer.

Home made water bottles

Sketching and Drawing

Are you a traditionalist and like sticking to your good ol' sketchbook? Life of Colour paint pens work beautifully on paper...and don't forget the no-mess factor!

sketchbook drawing

Glass Jars/Bottles or Mason Jars

I particularly love using these on the more rough glass (like on mason jars), however they can be used on all glass. Label your kitchen jars with Life of Colour pens, and don't forget to bake them in the oven if you want the colour to stick. Watch the video of how to make this jar here

draw on glass with life of colour paint pens


Do you have a plain old ceramic pot lying around that is dying for a bit of a colour splash? We did and we added a cute pink border and some easy patterns and it got a new life...anyone can do this! 

decorate your ceramics with life of colour pens

Book Covers

Are you a doodler? Do you like to sit in class and doodle on anything and everything? You can get a plain cover book or journal and make it your own with our paint pens. Once again as you see here, no artistic skills are needed! Watch the video of ho we made this book here

book cover decorated with life of colour pens


Life of Colour pens love wood...and wood loves them right back! Turn a boring wooden spoon into an instrument of fun. Don't stir your soups with it but you can certainly add some colour to your kitchen with them. You can get a plain wooden board and make a beautiful sign for your door to welcome your guests over. Read how to make this wooden spoon here.

paint on any wood surface with life of colour of colour pens


If you haven't heard of the incredible rock painting hobby that has spread like wildfire through Australia and the rest of the world, then you must have been living under a rock. Rocks and Life of Colour pens are a match made in colour heaven. These mini canvases will change your life for the better, trust me. Read about rock painting basics here

rock art with life of colour pens

Go on have some fun. With the Aussie school hols coming up, this can keep your kids entertained for hours. Don't worry...they are still water based so if they go a bit crazy and start decorating your white walls, they can be cleaned off. 

Go and make a pile of all the things in your house that need some love and colour...and start decorating.

Get your paint pens here if you do not have them yet.


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