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How to use Life of Colour stencils on Rocks

Recently we asked members of our community to show us what they have been creating with stencils on rocks and we were totally wowed!

When we first created these stencils they were not specifically made for rocks, but in our Australia and New Zealand rock painting community they have become a handy accessory for rock painters of all ages. If drawing is not your strong suit or you need an aid to make the design pop, keep reading to find out all the tips and tricks! 

Here are the steps for using stencils on rocks:

  1. Prime your rock. This is an optional step we recommend all the time because you'll have a smooth and easy to paint rock!
  2. Grab your Life of Colour paint pens and your stencil pack and an optional pencil
  3. Pick a theme for your rock and select the icons you'll be using: underwater adventure? Princess tales? Animal safari? You have 10 stencil sheets and over 100 designs to choose from;
  4. Use a pencil or one of the fine tip pens to outline the pattern, you may need to move and adjust the stencil if the rock surface is uneven;
  5. Find the perfect colours for your rock, making sure they compliment the theme well. Use the 3mm paint pens for backgrounds and shapes and the 1mm pens for lines and details - if you don't own any paint pens, browse our collection here;
  6. Combine different stencil icons to give your rock a more complex environment and level of details. You can add letters if you want to draw a nice encouraging message too, there's a stencil sheet with the alphabet and numbers.
  7. When you're finished, make sure to seal the rock so you can hide it in a park or decorate your garden without risking the beautiful colours!

Take a look below at some of the amazing rocks made by our community. Thank you for sharing them the group. All your names are on the rocks!



Everyone can look like an artist with unique and beautiful designs including pets, plants, food, animals, nature, symbols banners, ribbons and borders. Over 150 designs to choose from to decorate your rocks, scrapbooks, journals and any surface with these amazing stencils. Make cards, bookmarks, school projects and art pieces look slick and professional with your Life of Colour Stencils

The best part is you can use with all types of drawing materials: from the classic ballpoint pen every kid and teenager has, to Life of Colour watercolour pens, to our amazing acrylic paint markers, coloured pencils on paper and school notebooks.

Each stencil pack includes 10 plastic, durable, reusable, round cornered A5-size stencil sheets that come in a handy zip lock PVC bag. Carry it around in your art or school bag, take it with you on trips, or in the car, as a part of the kids entretainment station for travelling.


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