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Fluro and Stix Kit Activity Sheet


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Kids will learn how to use the silky poster paint sticks (AKA Stix) to make fantastic colourful blends on paper and wood.

They will work on their ruler skills, taking inspiration from nature and admiring their city.

With the Fluro paint pens and the wood slices, they'll enjoy making art for their rooms.

Activity 1: Abstract leaf poster

All age groups can take part in this colourful abstract art lesson using our Life of Colour Silky Paint Stix - or how we call them, the Stix.


  • Life of Colour Stix
  • Life of Colour 3mm black and white paint pens
  • Art paper
  • Water pot and paint brush 


Step one

Have a walk around the garden and look closely at the leaves on the ground, plants and the trees that are around. If you are able to, collect a few to take inside with you to do your painting. 

In the case that there aren’t any leaves for you to look at either use your imagination, a book or have a look on the internet to study what shapes leaves are.

Use the black 3mm paint pen to draw the shape of a leaf onto a piece of art paper.

Step two

Make different patterns on small parts of the leaf. These patterns could include -zig zags, swirls, circles, dots and dashes, straight lines, curved and wavy lines.

Step three 

Use a yellow silky stix pen to paint one part of your leaf and to paint some swirls around the outside of the leaf.

Put a small amount of water on your finger or a paint brush and rub the yellow colour around onto the page. 

Step four

Continue to add more colour to the leaf with the orange silky stix pen painting another part of your leaf and some straight lines onto the yellow section of the leaf.

Paint some orange on the outside of the leaf near the yellow and with a brush or wet finger spread the orange around.

Step five

Add green, red, pink blue and purple to the leaf and slowly fill the rest of the page with colour. 

Have fun and make your leaf colourful going over the top of your black lines with different colours. 

Step six

Paint the leaf stem in with a light blue silky stix colour and now it’s time to wait for your poster to dry.

Step seven

When the poster is dry it is time to add some white lines with your 3mm paint pen.

Trace around the outside of the leaf with white and try not to go over the top of the black lines. 

On the inside of the swirls add some white lines and place dots on the inside of the circles.

Draw a few stars around the outside of the leaf and sets of wavy lines going through the colourful sections.

Step eight

Laminate or put your poster in a frame to keep it looking great!


Activity 2: Fluro painted wood slice name tag

Try out this fun creation- it’s just like making a giant sized necklace and hanging it up in your room for everyone to see.


  • Life of Colour Wood slices (included in your kit)
  • String  (included in your kit)
  • Life of Colour Silky stix  (included in your kit)
  • Life of Colour Fluro paint pens  (included in your kit)
  • Scissors 
  • A piece of dowel, coat hanger, thumb tacks



Step one: 

The name wood slices are painted with Fluro paint pen circles and then silky stix are used to go around the edge. When they are dry write your name over the top.

Step two: 

Paint a few wood slices with the Fluro paint pen then with the silky stix paint your favourite animal- we have added chickens to ours. When they are dry go around the edges with a black and white paint pen.


Step three: 

The yellow moon is painted with a Fluro yellow paint pen and white silky stix around the edges then a blue and finally a dark blue. Use a finger to swirl the blues all together and be careful not to go over the yellow moon.

Paint a few white trees using a white paint pen and colour the edges facing the moon with a touch of Fluro yellow.

Step four:

The colourful “aurora” sky over the hills on this wood slice is started with a Fluro green zig zag line. This line will be the bottom of the sky and the top of the mountain range. Paint the next part with a green silky stix and mix in a dark blue to finish off the sky.

Draw lines on the bottom part of the wood slice to begin a row of trees and add branches. Give a little bit of colour to your trees with a Fluro green paint pen.

Step five-

Complete a few more wood slices until you have enough to make a name tag sign- imagine that you are making a giant necklace!

Cut some string into pieces about 15cm long and thread them through the holes in your wood slices. Tie the ends together and now they are ready to hang onto a piece of wood or another piece of string. If you have a cork board display you could use thumb tacks to pin them into place.

Activity 3: Starry night yin and yang 

Spread a feeling of peace and serenity with this beautiful silky stix creation.


  • Life of Colour 3mm black and white paint pens
  • Life of Colour Silky Stix
  • Art paper
  • Water pot and paint brush 
  • Compass and pencil


Step one

Mark out a large circle using a compass and pencil. Turn the circle into a yin and yang sign and go over the top of the pencil lines with a 3mm black paint pen. 

Step two

Treat the circles as two halves from either side of the wavy line in the middle and remember to colour each part opposite to the other side - one small circle will stay white and the other will be coloured. Follow the picture to be able to remember what is coloured in and what is left white.

Select a pink silky stix pen to paint a part of your yin and yang and part of one small circle. Put a small amount of water on your finger or a paint brush and rub the edges of the pink colour around onto the page.

Step three

Add dark blue next to the parts already painted pink and smear the blue colour into the page with your finger or paint brush. Next add a small amount of purple and blend it into the edges of the other colours and repeat using all of these colours again until the spaces have been finished.

Step four

Wait for your poster to dry and add tiny dots to make a milky way of stars stretching over the night.

Activity 4: Linear City scapes


  • Life of Colour silky Stix
  • Life of Colour Fluro paint pens
  • Life of Colour Black and white 3mm paint pens
  • Pencil and rubber
  • Ruler
  • Poster paper or white cardboard 

Make a linear Fluro and Stix street

Step One

Get your ruler and pencil and mark out an upside down “v” this will be the the road in our painting and our starting point.

Colour the road in with your black silky stix and neaten the edges using your black paint pen. 

Step Two

Add a yellow silky stix gutter running along the side of the road with orange stripes that get closer together as you reach the tip of the road.

Step Three

Imagine buildings on both sides of the road and use your silky stix to draw each building a different colour. Start the building’s size big and make them smaller as they go up the road.

Step Four

Draw all different coloured windows and doors onto your buildings with Fluro paint pens and silky stix, when they are dry trace around all of the edges of the buildings, windows and doors using a black paint pen.

Step Five

Turn the sky into darkness with a mixture of yellow, orange, dark blue and purple silky stix. Once your sky is dry use your white and Fluro paint pens to paint lines and stars to make a sky full of fireworks.

Make a starry night city lights poster


  • Life of Colour silky Stix
  • Life of Colour Black and white 3mm paint pens
  • Pencil 
  • Ruler
  • Poster paper or white cardboard 
  • Paint brush and water pot


Step One-

To make this night time cityscape poster start by painting the bottom half of your paper with orange and yellow silky stix then use a damp paint brush to mix the colours together across the page.

Step two-

For the top half of the poster mix purple, blue and dark blue silky stix then use the paint brush again to mix the colours across the page.

Step three-

Now it’s time to use your black paint pen to draw lots of buildings and instead of one line for the shape of the outside of the buildings add two lines around each one and give them lots of different shaped windows.

Step four-

Look closely at our buildings- this step is a bit tricky and will take a lot of careful planning because you are going to colour in the “inside” of the buildings leaving the windows uncoloured and also remember not to add colour to the space in between the two lines on the outside of the buildings. For the colouring use a black silky stix and neaten the edges with a black paint pen.

Step five-

Finish off the sky with white fireworks using a white paint pen. If you are feeling colourful then also add some Fluro lines and stars.




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