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How to Draw a Cute Bee with Life of Colour Watercolour Pens

Today we're showing you how to doodle a fuzzy bee, made by @laumoraiti.illustration.

You'll need Life of Colour Watercolor Brush Pens in yellow, light and dark brown, black and red.

You can add details with black Indian ink pens like microns and white details with gellyroll

These are her tips:

1️⃣ Draw the face with Indian ink pen and then paint an oval shape using the yellow watercolour brush pen

how to make a cute fuzzy bee with life of colour pens

2️⃣ Use light brown to make a shadow, blend using the lighter color (in this case yellow)

how to make a cute fuzzy bee using life of colour pens

3️⃣ While the base is still wet, make 2 to 4 stripes using the darker brown. Since the markers are water-based, you'll see how  the fuzzy texture begins to form

how to make a cute fuzzy bee using life of colour pens

4️⃣ Add all the details you want! You can paint red cheeks, add the stinger, use the waterbrush to paint two translucent wings, small lights or shadows using white/black pens

how to make a cute fuzzy bee using life of colour pens

There you go, your cute fuzzy little bee friend. Cut it out on a small greeting card, stick it in your scrapbook, add it to your bullet journal spread, give it as a gift to someone special - anything that makes you happy. This little bee certainly makes us happy, it is our little Life of Colour Flying Mascot.

life of colour cute and fuzzy bee

Have fun! Please tag us in your finished product @lifeofcolour.pens

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