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15+ Very easy rock painting tutorials, beginners to advanced

Rock painting ideas for your inspiration

Whether you're a seasoned artist or are just arriving to the artsy craftsy scene, you are in for a treat by entering the rock painting world. In this series we will share the 4 basic steps to become a rock painting master! It's as easy as finding the perfect rock, priming, painting and sealing. Boom! Art on rocks that will last a lifetime

Here are some fun ideas to get you inspired and motivated to try rock painting!

Easy daisy kindness rock

Paint a daisy on a rock and leave it somewhere for a stranger to find

Step by step by group member Kasey Love

Bondi Beach rock painting

We are all dreaming of summer, make this cool beach scene rock. Throw some shimmer at it and make it even more special

Cutesy animals for kids

Draw the linework and invite your kids to colour it in for family fun. If you are in NSW, make sure to check out our All About Rock Painting Creative Kids kit to start your kid's rock painting journey.

Step by step by group member Kasey Love

Welcome Spring loose floral rock

Make a rock that brings you the joy of Spring and keep it around. Follow this easy step by step to make it

Bluey rock tutorial

Any fans of Bluey in the family? Perfect! Then invite them to make this huggable rock with you!

Cute and easy Spiderman rock tutorial

Get your webs ready with this fun step by step by aussie artist Daphne @scrapadills. You only need red, white, black and silver paint pens and your choice of rock. We recommend using fine point 1mm black and silver paint pens to make the amazing Spiderman. Buy fine point paint pens in our shop.

Shimmer Mandala rock for beginners

The linework of mandalas is both relaxing and intimidating for beginners in rock painting, start with this amazing metallic mandala.

Make shapes using various metallic paint pens following the concentric circles style of mandalas and finish it off with white dots.

Planet Earth rock step by step

"Ground control to Major Tom"... make a beautiful Earth rock following these four easy steps! You can find instructions on how to complete an entire Solar System rock set in our blog

Fairy rock easy tutorial

Make this easy fairy for your garden and invite the magic to your green space. All you need to do is blend and think of shapes, no detailing involved, so you can start having fun without feeling intimidated by human figure

Adorable toadstool house rock step by step

The most popular mushroom on a rock? Follow the four extremely easy steps to achieve an adorable toadstool house for your fairy!

Frog King rock

While on the subject of toads... how about a frog King, waiting for a kiss from the Princess to get back into human form?

Bitten M&M rock tutorial

You made it this far, you deserve a chocolate! Here you have a very fun and easy to replicate M&M tutorial by @scrapadills


Peacock rock step by step

If you're a mandala lover, you'll really enjoy this Peacock step by step by Stacey Montford. Full of vibrant colours and relaxing linework.

Dinosaur egg rocks tutorial

Make a Jurassic expedition with these fantastic and easy dinosaur egg rocks!

Farm animals educational rock set using stencils

Get your farm animal game to the next level with these rock painting farm animals, made using Life of Colour paint pens and our amazing rock painting stencils.

Click on the image (or here) to find the detailed tutorial on how to make these farm animals and their backgrounds.

3 Responses

Patty Jean Duncan

Patty Jean Duncan

June 21, 2022

So cute. I’m just starting it’s hard than you think it i

Donita Wright

Donita Wright

April 02, 2022

I’m just learning

peggy mcdonald

peggy mcdonald

April 02, 2022

these are so cute! would love to paint some for my 7yesr old greatgrandson!!!

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