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What are the Gouache Stix, and why you need them in your life!

Our latest release, Gouache paint Stix, is my personal favourite in the entire Life of Colour collection so far. That is a big statement!

So far I have found them to be the most useful and dynamic pens in my collection and I have been busy with them almost everyday since they arrived.

Like we always say, it's so important to have fun activities that are not screen related - both for our kids and ourselves.

Doing art on the couch, under a blanket with a cup of coffee is a dream we all have... With mess-free art supplies is a lot easier to cosy up and create!

Usually gouache is bought in tubes, then mixed with water and then painted using your paint and paintbrushes.

However Life of Colour likes to make things simple for you, so we put our gouache in easy to use paint sticks. They are very similar to our Silky Paint Stix but thicker, more opaque, bolder and brighter, with elements of gouache paints (our silky paint stix are made using Poster paint).

In this video we offer a quick recap of what the Gouache Stix are and how you can use them! Read along to know more about this fantastic new tool for your art box and shop with a 25% discount (limited time offer).

3 reasons why the Gouache Stix are going to be your new favourite art tool

  1. They work exactly like gouache, but you don't need to carry a wet palette or gouache tubes... You don't even need water!
  2. Creamy and smooth to blend but not messy to stain your couch when you want to make art under a blanket
  3. Mix them with each other, with water, layer with paint pens or watercolour brush pens... and more!

How do you say gouache?

This is a word that everybody imagines in their head quite differently, and most likely when you hear how its pronounced, you'll think "oh! how different".

The right pronounciation is "gwahsh", "goo-ahsh" or "gwash"

What is gouache?

Gouache is a type of paint which is centuries old, and yet relatively few people even know of its existence today. It’s a medium worth discovering, with characteristics of both acrylic and watercolor that can be used to create vibrant, luminous works of art. It is sometimes referred to as opaque watercolour.

The Gouache Stix are our latest addition to our illustration, painter, art journaling and doodling toolbox. You can get the Gouache Stix and A4 pad of paper in a handy bundle to start right away.

What is the difference between gouache and watercolour?

A primary difference between the two paints is that gouache is more opaque than watercolour. Both paints consist of pigment and water soluble binder, which allows the paint to be altered even after it dries with the addition of water.

Just like regular gouache, you can add as much water as you want and dilute the paint until it's transparent - like a watercolour.

What about gouache sticks and acrylics?

Gouache is also compared to acrylic or oil paints because just like the former, gouache is normally used in an opaque painting style, almost undiluted and forming a superficial layer.

While the composition of gouache, acrylics and oils themselves are very different, many artists will relate to the opaque layering style and the way of achieving light over dark and other techniques.

Life of Colour Gouache Stix can be used straight out of the stick to form opaque layers: wait for the previous layer to dry and continue to build more layers on top, or add a new colour while it's wet to blend them.

I have the Silky Paint Stick, are the Gouache Paint Stix any different?

The silkys are made with poster paint and the gouache are made with gouache paint. An easy way to split them is to say, our silkys are perfect for the young kids, and gouache are made for our older kids and adults.


If you loved the Silkys and wanted to have a go at the painting style, the Gouache Stix will be perfect because they are more opaque and intense, a lot creamier, and a more sofisticated type of paint material that will instantly improve your art experience and end result.

It would be like comparing kids-quality crayon and artist studio quality pastels.

How do I use my Gouache Stix?

There are so many ways! You can use them as paint sticks directly onto the surface and keep the colour thick and solid.

You can also use them like watercolours, apply the paint from the stick, and then use your water brush or wet paint brush to blend them, mix colours and give them a softer look.

Mix any colour you like using the paint stick and using your finger or a paintbrush to mix.

Create light colour by using your paint brush or water brush directly onto the paint stick and extracting some colour to add to your art.

Use the Gouache Stix with your Watercolour Brush Pens, they work perfectly together and blend like magic.

Paint on paper, wood and many other surfaces like fabric (not permanently), and once dry, add details using your acrylic paint pens.

They work perfectly on our mixed media paper. Get some paper, a water brush (from your pack of watercolour brush pens) and sit on the couch and enjoy your relaxing evening in. Get the Gouache Stix and A4 pad of paper in a handy bundle.

We are having a big opening promotion of these paint sticks and we would love for everyone to try them.


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