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Fluro Competition Gallery

Thank you to all the amazing artists for their wonderful entries to our first every school kids competition.

You guys always amaze us with what you can come up with, and we thank you, and your parents and teachers, for making the effort to enter your art into the competition. 

This proved to be a very difficult month for all of us. When we launched this competition we did not expect that by the end of the competition, most of us would be isolated at home. I know many teachers had planned to enter on behalf of their kids but did not get the chance to, but don't worry, we will do this again in different times. 

This prize was originally for the winners school. Considering the current circumstances, we will send it to you, and you can choose what you want to give to your school and what you want to keep for yourself, as I know we may not be able to go back for a while. I will leave that in your court! 

Here are all of our wonderful entries. We changed our judge from Kate @art_teacher_life to Amanda from @primaryartteacher as too many of Kate's kids wanted to enter, so we thought it would be more fair!

Here are the wonderful entries. 

Zoe Rabinowitz, Year 1


Elodie Sunter

Q Courtney Cremari


James Love, Pre-School


Imogen Hewitt


Imogen Hewitt


Isabel Mitchell


River, Year 4


Leah Dignam


Amelia, 6

Amelia, 6




Harine Arun, Year 5

Chloe Muir, Year 5


Colin Posawen, Year 5



Name Withehld, Year 5


Mathew Midolo, Year 5


Kassie De Castro, Year 5


Callum Hodgson, Year 5


Dean, year 5



Matilda, 11

Matilda, 11




Caitlin, 8 

Harper Forsyth, 6

Georgia Howard, 4

Trae Wilkinson

Caitlin, 8 

How awesome are those entries! I love that we even got a pre-schooler with an awesome collage. Well done guys!

Now it is in Amanda's hands. She will pick the top winner who will win a hamper for their school, and the top 5 who get their own Fluro Box. 

Stay tuned for the winner.

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