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Colourful geometric landscapes on mini canvas bags

By @its_artsy_ella | Really excited to share this tutorial on how to prepare and make these cute little canvas bags painted with fabric paint pens from Life of Colour. Each of the five bags has a unique colourful landscape theme on the front, allowing you to play around with colour choices and creativity!

Preparing the bags with sketches:

Start off by ruling a rectangular box on the front as your little “canvas,” keep it simple, leaving a few centimetres from the edge. You can see how light the sketch is in the picture…we don’t want pencil lines peeking through!


Making the little scenes: 

You can see that each bag has a unique scene and colour theme. For example, the bag with orange and tan coloured tones has a cactus in the forefront, clearly making it look like a desert. It’s really nice how simple looking each bag is, but also how diverse each colour combo is and each natural scene. 

Choosing your colours:

It can sometimes be hard choosing your colour range because there’s SO many Life of Colour paint pens. But having five canvases allows you to go crazy and choose as many as you want! You can see that each bag has a different theme so choose your colours to sort of match the vibe. We liked cool tones for mountain scenes and warm tones for desert scenes!

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Painting Each bag:

It’s pretty straight forward how to paint each little section. But remember you don’t want bleed through onto the other side. Placing a firm little cut out section of cardboard inside the bag gives you firmer canvas and stops any bleeding. 


Outlining around the shapes:

To finish off the design, outlining around the shapes is definitely recommended. In these pictures a waterproof fine liner was used to outline as it had a smaller point allowing a thinner line. You could even use the Life of Colour black fine tip paint pen for a thicker, bolder effect. 

Have fun making these cute bags! 

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