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Gorgeous whale art with black and white accents

By @its_artsy_ella

This design is relatively quick, by having a neat workspace and your Life of Colour pens at hand, there’s nothing stopping you from trying this whaley good piece of art!

To make this gorgeous whale you’ll need, of course, some paint pens. We definitely recommend using all sorts of colours. You could use blues, greens, reds and’s totally up to you. But you always want different shades, some lights and some darks give you great diversity. You can see which pens are being used in the video. 

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Here’s some TOP TIPS to help you make this design: 

It’s definitely recommended to sketch it onto the surface first to make your life a WHOLE lot easier. Using a pencil, you can easily erase mistaken lines after you have finished. You could even print out a picture and trace it on. Whatever works best for you!

It’s really nice how the background is that little bit different, the brown paper adds a different perspective. However, it’s just as stunning on white card paper. For any drawing or painting its totally recommended to use a smooth but thick sketching or drawing paper! Probably not watercolour paper if you don’t want a grainy textured look.  

BLENDING!!! So, a huge element of this art is the way the colours blended to make the whale look as if its drifting or moving. As seen in the video after the colours were applied, using a small paintbrush, the shades were merged together creating a gradient. However, different techniques were displayed. Some colours were smoothened together with a flat ended brush, and some were speckled together with a bristled brush. However you want to approach blending is up to you! 

The materials you'll need:

Did you enjoy the video? We hope that you will give this piece of art a try!


Download the printable by clicking here! (black and white lineart of the whale, ready to be traced and painted!)

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