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Make a watercolour rose bouquet Mother’s Day Card

Many people with interests in various crafts like painting, stencilling, scrapbooking and stamping can bring it altogether to make handmade cards. This has contributed to cardmaking becoming a popular hobby.

We want to support you to be able to stay in the comfort of your happy home and create opportunities for you to still be able to give gifts to your loved ones, anything is possible and by providing many different crafting ideas for your family to enjoy. Cardmaking is just one of those brilliant ideas we have to share.

Recently we created some Mother’s Day wrapping paper and now we would like to show you how to use the paper to make a matching card. 

Collect your card resources. You will require:

  • a set of Life of Colour watercolour brush pens and stencils (save 9$ by getting them together, free shipping too),
  • a 1mm gold Life of Colour paint marker,
  • some blank paper,
  • a small piece of cardboard (you could use an old card too!)
  • a pair of scissors, a CD or DVD, sticky tape, PVA or strong glue, ruler and pencil.

Prepare your card base: 

Fold your piece of cardboard into the shape of a card, if you’re recycling an old card you are ready to go to the next step.

Using a ruler and pencil, mark out a rectangular shape slightly smaller than the face of the card that you are using. Hand it over to the kids and get them to cut out the rectangle. Set it aside ready for the glueing step.

Making watercolour roses!

Make your roses! Using a CD or DVD trace some circles onto your blank paper. Select a couple of shades of pink from your Life of Colour watercolour brush pen set and colour them in. Various shading methods will give the end result a more effective look. Cut out the circles and shade the other side as well.

Finally cut the circle into a spiral with wavy edges as pictured and curl the spiral into a flower shape using the sticky tape to fasten the outer edge to hold it altogether.

Making leaves

Fashion a set of leaves for your flowers with two shades of green from your Life of Colour watercolour pens. Cut the leaves out leaving a long stall that can be used to easily paste it onto your flower.

Use your stencils to write a message!

Create a message for the inside of your card. The beauty of using our Life of Colour stencils is that you are only limited to your (and everybody else’s) imagination.

For our message we have chosen a banner with a bunch of tulips. Completing the banner first with our light pink Life of Colour watercolour brush pen, then positioning the tulip stencil both above and below the banner has given the final product a unique look!

The gold 1mm paint marker has been utilised for the words “I love you” and to outline some of the features. The outer edges of our message card has been given an aged edge by sweeping the dark pink watercolour along the paper.

Finishing the card

Bring it altogether to finish your Mother’s Day card. Glue the message into the inside of your card and allow it to dry.

Neatly position and glue the rose wrapping paper onto the face of your card. Have a play around with your 3D roses until you are happy with their positioning and then glue it all down!

Life of Colour stencils and Watercolour brush pens can be purchased online and delivered to your door, free postage Australia wide! Let Life of Colour brighten your day the colourful way!

Wishing you all a Happy forthcoming Mother’s Day from the Life of Colour team! 

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