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Freshen up a wooden picture frame to suit your decor

It’s the oldest DIY trick in the book- restyling picture frames!

Has Mum got a picture frame set aside somewhere because it doesn’t suit the furniture or walls anymore? 

So here’s just a few ideas to make your Mums frames look like a top dollar purchase.

Remove the glass and backing before restyling the frame. The wooden frame pictured has been lacquered and in order for the paint to stick it needed a light sand.

Frame 1- Rustic distressed wood.

For a distressed wood appearance the first step is to paint the surface white. Once the white layer is completely dry get a metal file or a rough sandpaper and score areas of the frame abrasively until parts of wood are revealed. 

The next step is to smear light blue paint pen over the top of the frame- smearing is achieved by painting on colour then rubbing it thinly over the area with your finger.

Frame 2- Coastal.

The beach look is my favourite- I absolutely love walking into those boutique stores with all the unique coastal furnishings and fittings.

Choose natural colours to create your beach scene- combinations of tan, white, and blue paint pens you can find in the Earth Colours pack. The bottom of the frame is sandy with a few scattered shells which then extends into the blue shades with wispy clouds above.

Frame 3- Pastel paisley blue.

Believe it or not - floral wallpaper has made a massive comeback and 2020 has seen many a wall plastered with flowers of all varieties. 

A subtle way to make home decor appealing is to have matching colour and pattern themes. 

Paint your frame to suit your walls and place them on your bedside or hallway tables, this will in turn add to your home's overall organised ambiance.

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