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The Ultimate Guide to Drawing on Rocks

If you’re one to experiment with your creativity and mix up what you use as a canvas, then we’ve got something special for you. Ditch the paper and snatch up a pebble or rock from your backyard, and explore all the ways this craft will have you addicted.

Your new hobby: drawing on pebbles and rocks

Stop kicked those stones on the footpath out of your way; they’re about to become your new sidekick.

The best part of this art form is that it’s completely free, and allows you to use the bits and pieces you find lying around at your local park or in your own yard or buy bags full which mean they surfaces are clean and ready for you to use. Additionally, they’re great for keeping the kids entertained when school holidays or a rainy Sunday afternoon rolls around.

So, first thing’s first. You’ll need to pick up a few basics so that you’re ready to get started:

  • A stone or two that catches your eye. (or a bag of them)
  • A set of paint pens.
  • A bag to keep them all in (a box works too).
  • Some soap and warm water.
  • A design in mind.
  • Primer or base coat for the rocks (optional)
  • Sealer to seal your project and make it waterproof (optional)

What to use your art-filled rock for

Once you’ve created a few of these, you’ll find that they’re actually nifty for lots of different things. Here are some ways you can put yours to good use:

  • Add a magnet and stick them on your fridge or whiteboard.
  • Decorate your garden for a vibrant pop of colour.
  • Create seasonal ornaments or decorations – think Christmas.
  • Spend time with the kids away from screens and technology.
  • Write quotes and inspirational words on them.
  • Sell them if you’re looking for a quick buck.
  • Use them as paperweights around your home.

How to decorate your rock

Time to dive straight into it – here’s our quick guide to creating the ultimate work of art on your chosen pebble.

  1. Find a stone that is smooth-rounded and has enough space for you to get creative on. Some of the best ones can be found by river beds, or even on the beach. If you’ve got a vision in mind, look for a stone that reflects a similar shape. This is half the fun – so let loose. Note: You may need to check your location for local council rules on whether you can take rocks home with you. Some locations prohibit the removal of flora, so it’s important to check first.
  2. If you’re not one to go exploring, head to your local crafts shop and pick up a rock.
  3. Clean it thoroughly with some warm water and plenty of soap. Pat it dry.
  4. If your stone is particularly rough, sand it down with some sandpaper from your local trades shop (e.g. Bunnings).
  5. Draw your basic picture onto the rock using a pencil or chalk. If you need something bolder, use a very fine market and keep plenty of control in your hand as you work through the smaller details.
  6. Once you’ve got your sketch in place, start painting with your brush pens or acrylic pens. Our pro tip is to start with the biggest areas first, let the coat dry, then move on. Use a hairdryer if you need to speed up the drying process.
  7. After you’ve finished painting, you’ll need to seal it. This is crucial, otherwise, your art won’t last. Use a sealer and brush on a coat or two. This will also add a nice glossy finish.

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2 Responses



April 02, 2022

What sealer would you use for the rocks?



January 06, 2020

Sealer? Like a spray varnish? To finish rocks

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