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Rock painting for newbies: the perfect rock painting supply for newbies

By now we can almost presume that you have heard about the latest craze of rock painting and how you are curious as to what it all entails. We can firstly tell you to be prepared to be hooked because this hobby is totally addictive.

Looking for the details you need to start out? Life of Colour Acrylic paint pens and tools, set-up, space- there’s so many things to consider but it’s pretty simple when you know all the tricks of the trade.

And Life of colour is coming in hot to the rescue with the specifics to help you!

What type of rock is the best for rock painting? 

Clean, dry, cool and porous is best!

Porous rocks absorb the paint pens very well and will ensure your image is everlasting! Avoid rocks that feel super smooth or waxy, paint will resist these rocks and overtime may wear off.

To care for your pens it’s important to avoid bumpy rocks. It's also quite hard to achieve a good looking image on an uneven surface.

Wash and dry your rocks! 

Painting wet rocks will bleed the paints together, dirty rocks will damage pens and cause discolouration. 

Painting hot rocks will also have adverse effects to paint pens from making paint separate to creating a stodgy reaction.

Dedicated rockers have the know how when it comes to rocks! Most commonly people would think that you can just go for a stroll down to the beach or local waterhole and find a nice collection of rocks- we suggest that you source your rocks responsibly and stay up to date with your state's laws about collecting. The safest bet is to visit your local landscape supplier.


Priming your Rocks

Once you have washed your rocks and allowed them to dry it’s time to decide whether you would prefer a natural looking background, coloured or primed. Priming means putting a base coat first to make the surface of your rock smoother and allow the Life Of Colour paint pens to “pop” with colour! We recommend- British paints spray primer or Dulux brush on primer, sealer and undercoat. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions to apply the primer and be sure to allow each layer of paint to dry thoroughly before applying second coats and the next layer.


Storing your pens correctly is just as important as putting their lids on. Your pen collection might only be small so you might not think storage is a priority but if you would like to utilise them to their full life capacity then - store your pens right!

Laying down out of heat and sunlight are essential key points to remember. Some storage ideas that we suggest range from funky pencil/pen cases, upcycled boxes and Tupperware containers (all of which you could decorate using your acrylic paint pens!)

You might even be lucky enough to have a drawing desk with storage for your paint pens but let us tell you they won’t stay in the draw for long.

Some of us prefer to utilise clear Tupperware containers (due to being able see our paint marker lids to choose colours easily.)



Dedicate an area to use for rock painting. Some projects may get completed rather quickly whilst others might require a bit more time. Whatever the case is you’ll want space for your hobby that won’t be constantly disturbed. If you find that you are “space poor” we suggest that you could use a large meat tray for your workbench. The beauty of using a tray is that it is mobile! Take your paint pens and create anytime, anywhere! 

Art tools

Our paint pens are very versatile with the ability to blend colours together however if you want to add a couple of fine bristle paint brushes to your arsenal then go ahead! The soft fine bristle works best to prevent visible paint strokes. A pot of water will be required to care for your brushes so that you are able to rinse them immediately after each use.

Keeping a dry cloth handy to ensure that your brush isn’t too wet before combining its use with the paint pens is also a fab idea! 

Other equipment 

A piece of paper for priming, testing and cleaning off your paint pens is a great idea. Think about recycling and reusing- why not grab last year’s phone book? Any source of paper will do!


Wanting to have a go at rock painting but not sure you have the drawing capabilities or ideas? We have a great product which would be a perfect rock painting supply for newbies and the younger age bracket to provide you with a kickstart!

Stencils can give you some inspiration for your rock painting and allows children to manoeuvre vertical, horizontal and circular strokes, as well as learning to form shapes. Drawing with stencils will keep everyone busy. These activities engage bilateral coordination and fine motor control.


How to seal my painted rocks

Sealants are used on rocks to prevent weathering in outdoor conditions. Depending on the product you choose it can also enhance your image, similar to when you wet a rock and certain colours within it “pop out”. Sealants vary and are matt or have a sheen in the finished coating. 

Lay your rocks on a flat surface that can endure the spray, an old baking rack from an op shop  is perfectly suited for the job.

Always follow the manufacturer's instructions and use it in a well ventilated outdoor area. 

Avoid spraying and leaving your rocks in direct sunlight or when it’s too hot as this causes the surface to stay tacky. 

Seasoned pros in the rock world dabble in the use of resin but that’s a whole other ball game we will leave for another time.

Now you’re all set up- ready and raring to go!

Life of Colour Acrylic Paint Pens- the perfect rock painting supply for newbies 

Paint pens are a must have for this hobby and the brilliant Life of Colour paint markers are available as an alternative to posca - and the best way to get rock painting supplies in Australia. 

If you know that this is a hobby you would like to get serious about you will require atleast one set of 1mm and 3mm pens and with the added bonus of being able to use Afterpay for your rock painting supplies why not try now and pay later!

Why is Life of Colour the best rock painting kit in Australia and New Zealand? - Simply because no other paint pen company combines the same nib sizes, colours and prices available in a box together! 

The best rock painting supplies for newbies to this fantastic hobby would be one of our bundle packs which allow buyers to choose a variety of paint pens -The Power pack, Double or Triple whammy bundles are the way to go!

With choices including classic colours, earthy tones, special colours, shimmering glitters and shiny metallics. The 3mm nib sized paint pens offer the ability to shade large areas and when held correctly are also able to create smaller details, overtime with practice it will be the ultimate favourite for you.  

The 1mm nib sized paint marker makes fine detailing easy for everyone! We love using this pen size to place defining lines around the edges of our rock art designs.

We also recommend the Earth colours to take full advantage of the 1.5mm nib sized pen complete with a marvellous selection of earthy tones which can be utilised by all skill sets to complete beautiful masterpieces on your rocks. 

The Life of Colour Special Colours paint pen range have the perfect pastel array and skin tones with a couple of vibrant colours to complete the pack!

If you are thinking you would like to be able to supply a classroom, hold workshops or you need to cater for a large family then don’t hesitate to buy a Full Monty bundle because you will get one of absolutely everything! 

Find the best inspiration resources for rock painting and crafting in general in our social media community, join the Facebook group or follow us on Instagram to stay updated with the trends and regular competition offers! 

Life of Colour truly is the best alternative to posca Australia and offers the easiest way to purchase all your rock painting supplies in Australia and New Zealand!

Go ahead, treat yourself and take advantage of our free shipping to Australia and a flat rate of $6 to New Zealand. 



Handy tips and tricks

  • Care for your Life of colour acrylic paint pens and you will be able to utilise them for longer.
  • Allow drying time in between coats.
  • Let the finished product cure before sealing.
  • Sunlight can cause cracking, also dries out your pens and makes sealant tacky.
  • Avoid glassy/marble smooth and ragged/bumpy rocks.
  • Store horizontally with all the caps closed (press until you hear the click)

If you have any other questions, you may want to check out our FAQ or commonly asked questions:


Share your rock creations with us. We want to see your art and leave a positive review of your experience because we value your feedback.

Always remember our motto -Life of Colouris more than just an art brand, it’s a movement, a philosophy and a lifestyle.

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Cheryl Christensen

Cheryl Christensen

February 04, 2023

Used paint pens last night. Loved how easily they flowed. Loved the colours,especially the red.

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