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Getting Started With Life of Colour Paint Pens

If you are new to the world of paint pens and the wave of kindness rocks you may not know where to start. Look no further because our Life of Colour team is here to the rescue with the knowledge to answer all those questions that you may have.

Firstly let’s start at the beginning and take a look at what a paint pen is and why you should choose Life of Colour!

What’s going on inside the Life of Colour paint pen?

Each pen is filled with quality water based acrylic paint and just like all paint products in the art world they need to be mixed appropriately before use. We make this process as simple as 1-2-3 for you with ball bearings inside each pen to mix the paint with a simple shake of the pen. To make it even easier every single pen has written and picture form instructions for you to follow.

paint pen

Shake, burp, prime, paint, lid on!

It is absolutely essential that you store your pens correctly away from heat and the harsh Australian outdoor environment. Feel free to get outdoors painting but ensure to put your pens indoors out of the direct sunlight.
Paint pens make painting easy providing precise control that is hard to achieve using a brush with bristles.

Paint pen specifications

 Our paint pens come in three varieties of nib sizes 1mm, 1.5mm and 3mm. Each nib size has their advantages which we will explore so you can gain an understanding of what sort of pens you need to purchase to suit your needs.


Fine tip -1mm Nib sized paint pen

This pen is made of a solid plastic and specialises in precision lines, defining areas between colours, giving delicate details to your art with a finesse others will envy. The beauty of this pen is that if held on a slight angle you can also use it to colour small areas with ease.

Here you can see the definition given to this butterfly and flower also showing how much of a finer detail that you can achieve.


Felt tip - 1.5mm nib sized pen

This pen is made from felt and is new to the LOC collection. Currently available in the Earth colours pen set it’s likely to be the most popular yet due to its capabilities of being so versatile completing both finer details and colouring large block areas. It’s an impressive pen -we are totally excited by all the possibilities this new nib size has to offer!


Felt tip - 3mm nib sized pen 

3mm paint pens are very well known in the world of rock painting being the most used and it’s suited to all ages and skill levels. It can quickly paint large areas and children truly love watching their creations come to fruition within minutes. More skilled artists are also able to

hold the pen on an angle to achieve finer lines and details. I am a huge fan of this size nib and the felt allows for blending between colours (amongst many other great features).


Paint Pen Sets and Packages

So now we’ve explored the Life of Colour pens let’s get into what packs are available and what’s best for you!

Watercolour brush set

This set has been designed for beautiful brush work on paper however if you want to put an acrylic white base onto a rock you can use this set to create picturesque watercolour images for your indoor decorative needs.

Fine tip 1mm boxes- available in Metallic, Classic and Special colours

As previously mentioned these sets are designed for the more intricate artwork involved in your rock painting and are most suited for the general Primary school aged artist right through to the mature older aged painters.

Felt tip 1.5mm box- Earth Colours

I insist that this is a product youhaveto try. Smack bang in the middle of the two (1mm&3mm) skill sets the 1.5mm in Earth colours has everything! Fine line work, blending capabilities and colouring small to larger areas. This pen makes being a rock artist easy, the felt tip is fabulous making it suitable for all ages - we love it and so will you!

Below you can see just how beautiful the final product can be. 

rocks painted with earth colours

Medium tip 3mm boxes- available in Glitter, Classic and Special colours

These box sets are perfect as a starter or top-up for your paint pen collection. If you are new to the hobby of rock painting and want to “test the waters” then any of these packs will suit you! Everyone in the family will be quickly addicted and find these easy to use to create some truly wonderful art pieces.


Now let’s move onto the nitty gritty of the larger packs.

I am a Montford by name so I’m totally biased to this pack being my personal favourite, but seriously if I had my time over and I knew how much I would love the Life of Colour paint pens then I would cut the chase and purchase this bad boy!

Full Monty Bundle

It’s got everything, 1mm, 1.5mm and 3mm pens an absolute huge variety of colours and would be perfect for schools, day care, large families(that prefer not to share), rock painting enthusiasts, workshop presenters and me!

Triple Whammy and Double Bundle Packs

Did somebody say choose? That’s right! I love these sets for the fact that you get to choose which sets you can purchase to make up your packs. Absolutely perfect for the seasoned professional or for if you’ve been recommended to get certain sets this is the choice for you! Choices include the new earth colours 1.5mm, special colours 1mm, 3mm, classic colours 1mm, 3mm, glitter 3mm, metallic 1mm.

Keep your eye on this pack there’s always a sale!

Special Colours Bundle

This set includes the 1mm & 3mm in Special colours- “why special colours?” I hear you ask, well let me tell you- they are a Bundle unlike anything else on the market with the nib sizing and variety of colours. Pastel shades, skin tones and a couple of vibrant colours thrown in for good measure.

Gift Pack

Choose (there’s that awesome word again!) any paint pen pack with a set of watercolour brush pens. This pack is perfect to gift to a loved one, little artists right through to the seasoned professionals will get hours of enjoyment out of the variety this has to offer. You could even gift it to yourself we could all use some colour in our day!

Drumroll please.........

Fluro Colours pack

It’s on the way to brighten your day from us to you and we promise it won’t disappoint. Colours in this fabulously fluro set include yellow, pink, green orange and blue! Never seen before in a box set together and very much affordable. Let out that inner 80’s beast to play and go crazy, I cannot wait to get psychedelic with my rock painting and add “pops” of colour everywhere!

To purchase these and a few more check out the ​Life of Colour ​online shop nowand whilst your there join our community to stay updated with the trends and regular competition offers!

Always remember our motto -Life of Colouris more than just an art brand, it’s a movement, a philosophy and a lifestyle.

So go on get cracking and create something today!

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Jarrad Harding

Jarrad Harding

April 02, 2022

Hi .
Can you please send me a current SDS for Life of Colour Paint Pens.


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