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Nature rock painting ideas using our Earth Colours collection

In case you've been hiding under a rock (pun intended) - we just launched a very exciting new collection! Life of Colour's brand new Earth Colours pack includes 12 versatile shades representing the earth and nature. This new box brings you a stunning variety for making your landscape, fauna and flora rock paintings even more true to life.

If you don't believe us, just take a look at these amazing rocks! Keep scrolling to see even more ideas on how to use your brand new Earth Colours and get yourself a pack too (enjoy a discounted price until Sunday!).

About the colours

We took inspiration from nature to bring landscape artists a new array of 3 blues, which are perfect for sky and water, as well as 3 rich browns to paint from soil to wood.

Since nature can't be complete without green, we also wanted to add 3 new greens to specifically paint grasslands, forests, trees, succulents and plants of any kind.

To complete the collection we added 3 shades of red that will be the perfect companion for painting beautiful and rich sunsets, campfires and combined with the brows, animal fur and feathers.

Landscape rock paintings

We are amazed at these rocks featuring Aussie landscapes in such detail! If you are totally new to rock painting, you might want to go do a little research first and then return to this blogpost for more inspiration.


Flora and fauna rock painting

Painting animals and plants is one of the most relaxing areas of art, so we encourage you to grab your Earth Colours and start drawing your favourite animals, or the national flower, a snapshot of your garden or the path to your favourite camping spot.

When transferring a design to a rock, check out these tips to help you do it very easily and frustration free.

I'm in love, How can I get them?

You can order the single pack of Earth Colours (for 15% OFF only until this Sunday midnight) or make your own bundle and get them alongside some others of our paint pens for 15% OFF too!. Bundles are already heavily discounted so it's an amazing opportunity to get yourself a few more colours and save money at the same time.

Free shipping in Australia and $6 to New Zealand.


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