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5 Watercolour artists to learn from on Instagram

With visual-centric social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram around, it has become very easy to follow talented artists, to learn from their craft, and to draw inspiration from seeing their work and watching how they produce their incredible works of art.

In this blog post, we want to show you 5 different watercolour and lettering artists who have are building a wonderful and warm Instagram presence, each with their own style and colour palette!

Brush Lettering master Chrystal Elizabeth @chrystalizabeth

The fantastic and colourful Chrystal Elizabeth brings the absolute best in terms of lettering and creativity! You don't want to miss her beautiful handlettering style, and can even learn from her thanks to her book "Brush Lettering Made Simple"


Aussie lettering artist, Amanda @theprettinessproject

Local pen hoarder - as @theprettinessproject defines herself on her bio - we love her art for the expressive colour bursts and signature style! Here are some fantastic pieces made by Amanda using Life of Colour Pens



Unique colourful art with Ella @its_artsy_ella

Our fantastic ambassador is not only a talented watercolour artist, @its_artsy_ella is a wizard with any art tools you throw at her - with some amazing tutorials featuring paint pens, acrylic paint and even clay!

- Easy camping scene

- Vintage Ford with ballons


Rainbow flavoured crafting Selene @lettering_our_world

Selene from Lettering our World is from Mexico, she loves teaching the passion of letters and crafts - and we are very proud to have her on our team! You can read some of her fantastic tutorials on our blog, and make rainbow lettering bookmarks and alebrijes with her!


Adorable Illustration with Laura @laumoraiti.illustration

Laura has been a part of our team since the beginning all the way from her home in Uruguay, she's a graphic designer by day and colour lover by night! She uses watercolours to bring life to whimsical and adorable creatures

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