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Intricate Peacock in 5 easy steps with metallic accents!

The peacock is a commonly depicted bird in the world of art. It can be found on flags, canvas masterpieces, decorative garden ornaments, wall batiks and stones!

With its massive beautiful tail feathers and iridescent colours from head to claw, this bird has long been fanciful eye candy to its human observers. And you know what else is iridescent? Life of colour metallic paint markers! 

There are many quirky habits that belong to this bird, they are much like a chicken in that they cannot fly as such -but are able to flutter up to heights. 

The peacock is also noisy - very noisy in fact! We want to relate and get loud with our rock painting!

We are still learning this sacred bird's secrets.

Here are a few fun facts 

-its feathers quiver, creating low-frequency sound inaudible to human ears. 

-they can change the sound by shaking different parts of their feathers.

-collectively called “peafowl.” The males are “peacocks”, females are “peahens.” The babies are called “peachicks.”

-a family of peafowls is a “bevy”- who doesn’t enjoy a few of those whilst rock painting!

-peacocks aren’t born with fancy tail feathers- so get ready to let our fancy tail feathers out and start painting with Life of colour paint markers.

Let’s begin with choosing your Life of colour paint pens that are the easiest way to get your paint pen supplies in Australia and New Zealand.

Classic blue and green paint markers in 3mm with the combination of the Earth colours forest green 1.5mm will give the whole “peacock” look these three colours form the platform to replicate the colours represented in a peacock feather and to allow the iridescent metallic gold and silver to really shine. White and black in 1mm will be needed to wrap around the edges neatly.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that this rock is too hard for you it really is a matter of lines around shapes in layers.

Choose a very large stone to complete your mini masterpiece - this will make it easier to fit the many parts of the peacock onto the rock.

Step one

For this brilliantly beautiful bird we will be starting in line with the centre of the rock and complete a tear drop shaped head, the teardrop shape is utilised a lot throughout this tutorial and it would be a great idea to practice the shape before setting out.

From the head we want to extend the neck line down to the bottom of the rock continuing around and back up to the head. Try to keep the neck long and thin remembering that we are trying to replicate the peacocks slender body shape.

Before we make a start on the tail feather configuration finish off the body with a couple of semi circles around the base of the neck.

Step two 

Now place three teardrop shapes around either side of the peacock body and alternate the next layer of teardrops making them slightly larger each time as pictured.

Step three

It’s time to add colour and bring this bird to life! 

Using the classic blue fill in the head and neck- if you weren’t 100% happy with the shape you had outlined this is the chance to correct it. 

Starting from the inner shapes around the base start layering your lines around each teardrop and work your way out until you have completed.

There really are no rules here -just go slow and make your lines neat!

To complete the shimmer look to your peacocks body add some small random dots on one side of the neck.

Step Four 

Using a steady hand outline a beak and headdress with your 1mm black and white Life of Colour paint pens - continue around the edges of the teardrop shapes to give definition.

Step five

Wrap this number up with some silver dots and your rock will look absolutely fantastic!

If you haven’t already purchased a set of our Life of Colours paint pens and you are inspired to create after seeing this rock tutorial then hesitate no longer- get your rock painting supplies with free shipping Australia wide, choose to use Afterpay when purchasing our Life of Colour acrylic paint pens at your convenience first time customers also great discounts too!

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