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Life of Colour Mandala Painting Kit - The Kaleidoscope (Wildflowers)

Life of Colour Mandala Painting Kit - The Kaleidoscope (Wildflowers)

Introducing the Life of Colour Mandala Painting Kit - The Kaleidoscope

She explodes into a kaleidoscope of shapes and colours.

Experience the therapeutic joy of mandala painting with the Life of Colour Mandala Painting Kit. Embrace relaxation, mindfulness, and artistic exploration, and transform simple moments into works of art that brighten your space and your spirit.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 x 40cm Mandala Board (Australian MDF) with hanging hole
  • 12 Wildflower Acrylic Brush Tip Paint Pens 
  • Mandala and Colour Guide 
  • Unwind and Relax: Immerse yourself in the therapeutic world of mandala painting. Feel the stress melt away as you meticulously paint inside the lines with your soft and versatile acrylic brush pen. With every stroke, you'll find yourself in a state of serene mindfulness, allowing you to escape the busy-ness of everyday life.
  • Complete Something Beautiful: No prior painting experience? No problem! Our Mandala Painting Kit is designed for artists of all levels. The included 40cm Mandala board provides the perfect canvas to explore your creativity. With 12 Wildflower acrylic brush tip paint pens at your disposal, you'll effortlessly glide across the board, watching vibrant colours come to life. You can either follow along with the colour combinations provided, or let your own creativity flow and choose the colours yourself. With 12 colours to choose from the options are endless! Best part - your 12 paint pens will last for hundreds of art projects after this one
  • Showcase Your Work: The best part of the experience? Displaying your stunning creations for all to see. Once you've completed your mandala masterpiece, proudly hang it on your wall to inspire conversations and admiration. Whether it's your living room, bedroom, or workspace, your personalized mandala will infuse your surroundings with beauty and positivity.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews
      Kimberly Gabbard
      Almost perfect!

      I love everything about this kit but the paint pens! The tips likes to fray , so to outline the design is difficult. If you buy the blac thin pen to do outlining make sure you practice on something else first! My pen splattered in many places then to try to paint over to cover it up is not good. Just a word of caution!

      Hi there! Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We're so glad you enjoyed our Mandala Painting Kit, but we apologise for the issues you encountered with the paint pens. Please use slow fluid strokes to avoid fraying, We will certainly pass along your feedback to our team to improve the quality of our pens.
      In the meantime, we also suggest practicing with the thin black pen on a separate surface before using it on your design, the hard nibs can take time getting used to as if pressed too hard they may cause issues. We hope you continue to enjoy creating beautiful mandalas with our kit! Have a great day.

      Kylee Findlay
      Love these mandalas

      Love all the different designs of Mandalas you can buy. The same mandala can look so different with all the beautiful colours available.

      Tess Martin
      Relaxing, creative and therapeutic

      Beautiful colours, wonderful creative design and so relaxing .

      Tamara Brown
      Perfect gift

      Got this for my best friend as a gift and got one myself! Paint markers are amazing and versatile, wooden mandala is gorgeous. Will be buying again!

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      For Halloween this year we have decided to explore some different ways that we can reuse, upcycle and recreate the old into something new.
      We will use our Life of Colour art supplies to add wonderful colour and whacky details to our Halloween craft. So, if you are looking for a cheap course of action this year- follow along and find an activity that suits you!!

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