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Wrap it up with Life of Colour Watercolour brush pens this Mother’s Day

Australians and many other cultures around the world celebrate Mother's Day by showing affection and appreciation towards our mothers and mother figures. Every year in Australia, on the second Sunday of May, we get the chance to tell our mothers just how special we think they are.

The watercolour brush pens which contain 20 vibrant and diverse colours including primary, pastels, fluorescents and naturals accompanied by a refillable water brush to assist with your watercolour painting and blending.

Affordable, high quality art supplies delivered to your door all year round! Our Life of Colour team work hard to ensure that you are able to meet your painting supplies from the comfort of your home.


Watercolour brush pens and stencil wrapping paper tutorial.

Step one: 

Using a large sheet of white paper for our wrapping paper we have combined two shades of pink with our water brush to create the base background. 

Each block of colour is painted in various shades with the water brush by blending solid colours onto a plastic surface ( a paint palette can be used) then using the water brush to place the colours onto the surface of the paper in random blocks on the same angle continuously until the whole piece of paper has been painted. This is one of many methods of watercolour shading and is called hatching.


Step two:

Pick a stencil with a flower! Our Life of Colour stencil sets make creating uniform designs easy and looking great in next to no time at all. The added beauty of using a stencil to make your masterpieces is that you do not need to be able to draw- all ages and abilities are capable of stencilling. Simply hold the stencil firmly with one hand and carefully colour in the spaces with your watercolour pens. We have chosen the darkest shade of pink for our rose petals, followed by a mixture of light and dark greens for the stalk and leaves.

Step three:

Fill the gaps! In order for your images to appear in a solid form, use a different colour to carefully fill in the gaps left behind by the stencil. If you were to use the same colour you would lose the images defined shape. 


Step four:

Add some words and shapes. Appropriate to the occasion we have chosen the word “love” and the shape of a heart and placed them randomly in close proximity to our roses.


Step five:

Flip it and reverse it! If you look closely at our finished wrapping paper you will notice that our roses are positioned differently across the paper and they have also been mirrored. This is easily achieved by flipping your stencil over and completing the roses. Whilst this method of reversing will work effectively for all of the images it will not be successful for words. 

Step six: 

Wrap it up! Get cheeky and encourage your kids to purchase you some Life of colour watercolour brush pens or acrylic paint markers that could be wrapped in the beautiful paper that you’ve created together.


They are a pen, filled with watercolour pigment. The nylon real-brush tips are soft and respond to pressure and angle.


Each set of 20 colours comes with a free refillable water brush you can use for blending and creating watercolour effects.


Great for all ages: They are completely mess-free, washable, odourless and non-toxic, making it an amazing gift for creative kids.


Recommended by artists and used for lettering, calligraphy, drawing, painting and colouring.


Blend the juicy colours together with ease and add water for beautiful watercolour effects! The soft brush tips are like real paintbrushes, especially handy for creating broad and fine brush strokes.

NOTE: If you have difficulty opening the refillable water brush, try gently twisting it open the other way - no need to force it

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