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Mermaid Art using all the colours of the rainbow!

Gather your supplies (listed below) and follow the fun video or step by step for a relaxing and meditative piece! It will take you about 30 to 45 minutes to finish depending on the size of the paper you decide to use.

You'll need:

  • Your regular choice of paper, we used watercolour paper here, cut into a circle to make it fancier
  • Life of Colour Watercolour brush pens (load the water brush that comes with the set by unscrewing the top and adding tap water)
  • Life of Colour Stencils, you can use the hexagon shape or any other shape you like!
  • Golden 3mm paint pen, comes in the Life of Colour Classic set

You can get all the pens you need for this tutorial in a very practical watercolour and paint pen bundle (don't forget the stencils, they come in packs of 10 sheets with dozens of icons). Subscribe to our newsletter to receive a 10% OFF coupon for your first purchase. Free shipping in Australia and flat $6 postage to New Zealand.

Step 1

Find the hexagon shape in the stencil pack, you can choose any shape you want but aligning the hexagons is very easy!

Use a regular pencil to trace the hexagon, in this case, we didn't leave any space between one hexagon and the next one. The golden details at the end go on top of the watercolour.

Step 2

Figure out your colour order and sort your pens in rough groups. We did: purples, blues, greens, yellows, reds, pinks, browns.

You can stick to the same colours for example all blues and purples or greens and yellows.

Step 3

Start adding your first colour in the hexagons on the right. You don't need to cover every nook, that's the water brush's job.

The idea is to create variety by adding more or less water to each hexagon. If you did a very dark one, make a few that are very watered down next to it.

Step 4

To make the nice transition between colours without showing a clear vertical line where it changes from purple to blue, the trick is to mix both! That's why we put them right next to each other, so we can blend them slightly and make the smooth transition.

Make some hexagons that carry more of the colour on the right and others that have more of the colour on the left. For example, a teal closer to blue, versus apple green closer to yellow. You can also play with water to get even more shades of colour!

Step 5

Leave it to dry. Seriously, don't go in with the golden pen until your watercolour is completely dry!

Step 6

Get the golden 3mm pen and trace over the edges of all the hexagons. It will give it a nice elegant pop.

What do you think? Will you try it? If you do, make sure to share the finished result with us in the Facebook group or our social media accounts!

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