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Step by step Fluro Bubbles that glow in the dark!

Before you go to the step by step, don't forget to submit your kid's art celebrating fluro for our huge School Kids Competition in which one school will win a hamper of Life of Colour products and the top 5 kids will get a box of Fluros!

Some of us remember the days of fluro shirts, dresses, tights, socks and headbands - now we have the paint markers to get back in touch with all that 80’s style! So let out that inner hypercolour t shirt lover to  play and go crazy.

Prepare to get psychedelic with rock painting and add “pops”of colour everywhere with Life of Colour NEW fabulously fluro acrylic paint pens set, that includes 5 neon colours: yellow, pink, green, orange and blue


Choosing a rock to suit your design is your first task - no two rocks are identical but the best choice is always a smooth but porous rock that speaks a bit of rock’n’roll to you!

Now get out your Life of Colour Fluro paint pens

A great way to make the fluro paint marker stand out is having a dark backdrop, this makes the colours all “pop” and you’ll be creating Andy Warhol pieces of art in no time.

Step one

A nice well covered layer of black to start off our rock painting work of art. You must allow this layer to dry completely before trying to add any other colour to your rock, this will ensure you are caring for your Life of Colour paint pen nibs and keeping the colours true. 

Step two

Using one colour at a time draw random circular sized and assorted shaped bubbles. Allow each bubble to dry and perfect each one with a second layer and give them nice edges. 

Life of Colour NEW fabulously fluro acrylic paint pens set include 5 colours: yellow, pink, green, orange and blue

Step three 

Layering colours over the top of each colour that is next to the last is the final step to give this Life of Colour rock that little extra “pop”. Looking at the picture you can see the blue and green bubbles layered with a smaller bubble inside. This effect works best with colours that compliment each other however you might like to experiment with the different colour combinations that work for you!

You can try so many different combinations of colours, and we want to let you in a little secret, for an extra effect... you can light the rock under a UV lamp for a disco effect!

Before the UV light

That’s right- you can make these psychedelic Fluro paint pens glow!!

Now you can throw a disco party and put something fun around the place to decorate.

If you can get your rocks to glow like ours we would love to see it on our Life of colour art group page!

Remember Life of Colour paint pens are the ultimate alternative to posca pens and the perfect place to get your rock painting supplies available in Australia and New Zealand!

Join our School Kids Competition NOW - Celebrating Fluro!

We are holding a schools competition that celebrates all things Fluro. Enter your artwork that celebrates Fluro or Neon Colours, and win a hamper full of Life of Colour goodies for your school.

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