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5 Fun DIY Projects you can make with Fluro Paint Pens

Our amazing Ella from @its_artsy_ella put this tutorial together to give you some ideas of what to do with your Life of Colour Fluro Paint Pens or any other Fluro pens or paint you have. 


 T-Shirt Design

shirt made with life of colour paint pens

Try this unique space design on a plain white shirt! Using the Life of Colour Fluro paint pens you can create these colourful planet illustrations and bold lettering on a wearable clothing item so you can show off your skills. This design easily allows for you to use all of the five colours in the pack as there are so many planets and elements to colour in. Life of Colour paint pens are the ultimate alternative to fluorescent posca pens and the perfect place to get your rock painting supplies available in Australia and New Zealand!

As shown in the picture, uses a black fine tip to outline the shapes. This is not necessary, but the crisp outlining makes the design more structured. Because shirts are a stretchy fabric you might have trouble covering the larger areas, but by doing multiple layers, you can get the colour more vivid and strong. So, try this shirt design as painting on wearable items is just as easy and looks doubly amazing!


Fluro Jellyfish on black card

fluro jellyfish on black card

Did you know that you can use the Fluro paint pens on black surfaces too? Like this Jellyfish design on black card, which uses once again all of the five colours and shows off some blending skills too. Fluro pens on black card stand out amazingly, especially when you cover larger areas. In this design, you can see that the similar colours like orange and pink were slightly blended in the body of the jellyfish. By dabbing and overlapping each colour on the paper, the colours will naturally mix into a peachy shade. You can also use this design for any black surface, like a notebook. Try this exotic Jellyfish design, as these Fluro’s look overly wonderful on a black surface!

 Fluro Mug

fluro on mug

Decorate your plain white mug with this super easy design! It’s really nice how easy and simple the shapes are, but still effective in catching the eye and making your mug look that little bit extra! This design also allows for you to change up the colours and shapes, but this can always be a reference to get you started! It’s also really unique with the quote “coffee time” lettered on the front. You change the colours around and maybe continue different patterns all around the mug! Again, black outline is recommended to define the edges of each shape. Also, is spraying the paint when you’re finished with a clear acrylic spray to seal it! Have a go at this crazy colourful mug!

 Fluro Roller Skate on White Paper

fluro roller skate on white paper

Try making this bold print on plain white paper! This unique roller skate graphic is so bright and beautiful. It’s also super simple and really quick to make. Once you gather all you Fluro pens, sketch up the outline of the design before colouring to make it easier! It’s really nice how vibrant and outstanding the colours look on white crisp paper. It’s totally recommended to personalise the skate by changing the colours around. Also, make sure you have a black paint pen handy to outline your illustration and finish it off. It doesn’t really matter what paper you use, just something thick and smooth, but watercolour is not recommended. You can keep it or frame it, or maybe give it to a special friend!

 Fluro Lettering on Book cover

fluro lettering on book

Get inspired for school with your Life of Colour Fluro paint pens! Decorate your exercise books with crazy quirky quotes on the front, like this blue, pink, yellow and orange design that makes any boring schoolbook look fabulous! For this project it’s very important that the cover is blank and suitable for painting on with paint pens, like this cover in the image is a brown paper hardcover which is perfect for drawing on. As always sketch it up with pencil first then colour in the shapes and outline with black once dry. Change up the colours and personalise each book. So, try this bold design because your books will be so unique and everyone will wish to have them!

There you go, 5 awesome ideas for you to try with your Fluro Paint Pens. Give them a go and enter our competition to win a Life of Colour hamper for your school or a box of Fluros for yourself. All ages are welcome! Have fun!!! 

Need some Fluros or other paint pens? 

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