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Nib guide for Life of Colour Pens

What is a nib?

A nib is the pointed end that distributes paint onto the surface.

Nib sizes vary in order to provide you with a product that is suitable for your specific artistic needs. The bigger the nib, the wider the lines that will be produced.

What nib sizes are available, and what are their purposes?

1mm paint pen nib -The finest tip available that is made from a solid plastic. It is targeted to complete minuscule and fine detailing, delicate writing and art tasks.

Replacement tips

1.5mm paint pen nib - This versatile felt tip size has the ability to complete fine detailing as well as adding colour to large block areas.

You can use 1mm and 1.5mm replacement nibs interchangeably. This means you can use a 1.5mm felt nib on a 1mm paint pen, and vice versa.

3mm paint pen nib - Suitable for all ages and skill levels, gives maximum colouring coverage and fills large areas with colour quickly, complete various widths of lines by angling the tip. You can get replacements for this type of nib here.

Brush nibs - Create thin lines and delicate details with precision, complete bolder lines and has the ability to adjust line width with angle manipulation, suited to fulfil calligraphy and writing tasks. Suitable for uneven surfaces such as shells, wood, etc. These nibs can't be replaced.


5mm dot paint pen nib - Designed to make uniform dot shapes. Our dot paint pens are dual ended, with a second tip - a fine nib perfect for small precision detail.

Reversible 6mm and chisel/bullet tip - This sized nib is applied to the chalk pens, ideal for signage design, uniform upstrokes and down strokes for lettering, reversible nib for convenience of suiting requirements.

Other nibs

Fine point fabric nibs - The fabric pens have a fine nib size for finer drawing and writing tasks, the permanent ink flows through the nib for ease of colouring areas.

Brush and 1mm fine tip Dual pens - Flexible brush tip for achieving various widths of lines, suitable for calligraphy and writing needs with a hard tip end for fine outlines, writing and detailing 

Nylon brush with bristles - The nylon real-brush tip are soft and respond to pressure and angle to create broad and fine strokes. Featured in our watercolour brush pens and refillable water brushes.

How do I maintain my pens?

Keep all acrylic paint pens free of excess paint by wiping clean with a damp cloth. For ink based pens, gently rub nib on paper medium until clean (you can doodle or write).

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