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How to Draw a Whale with Gouache Stix

Our incredible resident illustrator, Laura Moraiti demonstrates how to draw a cute whale using our Gouache Stix, and our acrylic fine tips and watercolour brush pens for the details. 


Drawing cute characters really is not that hard

If you watch the experts do it, you can see it is just a matter of creating the right shapes, and then building on that shape with shading and details. 

Gouche Stix

Our Gouache Stix are perfect for laying down the original shape of your illustration because they are versatile and can be blended with water. You can lay down very thick, solid colour for an opaque effect, or sketch with them, the same way you would with any other pen or pencil. Use your finger or a refillable water brush to blend it. We have a deliciously creamy pastel colour palette which are perfect for these cute kawaai type characters. Once the foundation is dry, you can layer on top of it with any of our other paint pens from our range, such as acrylics or watercolour. 


Paint Pens for details

Our fine tip acrylic paint pen range is a must have for any artist looking to add details to their artworks. They can be painted on dry or slightly wet surfaces, and blended together with the gouache, watercolour or whatever other foundation colour you have laid down.

Watercolour Brush Pens

Our watercolour brush pens are a staple for any Life of Colour pen lover. Like the gouache and acrylics, they blend beautifully, and have a fantastically versatile brush tip for fine and thick strokes, They are the perfect companion to our goauche stix because of how well they blend together,

Now that you have read the description, watch how Laura creates a super cute whale using the gouache, acrylic fine tips and watercolour brush pens (not to forget the cute cameo of our washie tape bordering the paper)

Enjoy, and then try it yourself. 

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