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5 creative upcycle ideas for your home

If decorating is not your thing, maybe you can surprise mum with an extra special mothers day gift - a picture of your famIly in a brand new, upcycled wooden picture frame.

Turn an old sheet into a funky fabric pen roll!

We all have a ratty sheet ridden with holes hidden away in the linen press just waiting to be reused for something else.

One of our Life Of Colour group members asked about handmade pen rolls and we thought “what a great idea!!” 

Armed with our Life Of Colour paint markers and our handy sewing machine we were easily able to complete the task.

Choosing a fabric style is up to you- if you have a favourite bird, flower, colour, car, superhero or any other theme then pick a few images and create an arrangement of them onto the fabric. You can use our stencils to make a nice design, we have princess themed, sea, animals, food, etc.

Check out our in-depth step by step tutorial on how to make your own Life Of Colour pen roll.

Decorate a jar or coffee container to turn it into a vase.

You guys know I love a good upcycle treasure project. I am forever holding onto my glass jars repurpose for other uses. Old coffee jars are the perfect size to create a nice flower vase especially when you are on a budget and wanting to give gifts to others- it’s all about using what you already have to save money. 

All those things you buy from the store and things your food comes in can also be reused. Just remove the labels with hot soapy water and you're ready to go. 

Geometric shapes are created using sticky tape randomly placed in lines every which way then colour is added to the spaces left behind. Wait for the paint to completely dry before peeling the tape off and use a different colour to give the shapes outline. 

My mother’s favourite flowers are Australian natives so I chose a Protea for her mason jar that I will fill with some hand crafted chocolate treats to gift to her for Mother’s Day.

Once you have completed the Life Of Colour glass art you can seal it in the oven or with a spray sealer.

Freshen up a wooden picture frame into a style that suits your decor.


Frames can be easily adjusted to any design or look. I have a wall of frames in my bedroom and every so often when I redecorate I also have to redo my frames to suit the decor of the rest of the room.

Click here to see how to re-do an old frame in three different ways!

Transform a green bag into a chic tote bag or gift bag.


Mother’s Day is almost upon us once again and if you are thinking of ways to make personalised gifts we have a great suggestion- a hand painted tote bag!. 

If you are making Mother’s Day gifts with your kids, or are looking for an easy craft that older siblings or dad’s can do with the kids along with hand-made cards and flowers, then this is a perfect DIY creation for you!

Hand painted tote bags cost an absolute fortune but there is no need to spend big dollars on them when all you need is a dollar “Green shopping bag” and your trusty set of Life Of Colour acrylic paint pens. The big advantage you have is knowing what your Mum or loved one likes and you can custom make their bag!

Colourful art ideas to make your old phone case shine

In this short blog we'll cover the basics for making art on your cellphone case! Your phone case has seen better days? Grab your Life of Colour paint pens and make your old and weathered case shine again. 

Starting out is easy- just purchase some of our Life of Colour paint pens! Did you know you can get the best rock painting supplies here in Australia and New Zealand with the option to Afterpay ? Make a purchase with Life of Colour today and join the alternative art trend sweeping the nation.

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