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TV and comic Superhero rocks

I’ll never forget early one morning many years ago my daughter bursting into my room reciting the Batman song- both cute and completely nostalgic to my own childhood. Hence why I painted the black and white “Batman” Television’s series logo.

Da da da da da da -Batman!

This dark and mysterious superhero has a dark logo with an attention-getting yellow accent. The bat shape obviously stands for the name of this dark unconventional gadget wielding hero. The oval shape surrounds the bat providing a neat edge to the logo.

Wonder Woman 

Wonder Woman has the cleverly entwined double W’s - they form the shape of a flying bird with spread wings. This is clever because one of superwoman’s powers is the ability to fly. The motif with red, white, and blue combined with stars is patriotic - representing the American flag.

Marvel's Punisher

Punisher Logo isn’t a friendly image- with the  mission to avenge his family members’ death by punishing bad guys and organized criminals everywhere we wouldn’t expect to see a pretty butterfly. The image of a simple skull with elongated teeth shown in black and white stands for the boldest of bad heroes.

The Flash

Again we see the red and yellow colors that make such an impact. The Flash’s incredible speed is well represented by the lightning streak. This is a simple logo for anyone to recreate.


Spider-Man is a character we can relate to because he was once a human that transformed into a superhero!  Very well loved over the years and is continuously brought back to life in many different movies. The Spider-Man mask is merely a red background with a black web and neatly placed silver eyes!

Superman, man of steel

The Superman logo is one of the most recognizable of the superhero logos because of its simple, colourful design. However, don’t think that simple means it hasn’t been a well thought out design! The triangular shape represents strength, even more so because it is also the shape of the world’s strongest stone- the diamond.The colours red and yellow are eye-catching and bold, making the letter “s” stand out even more! 

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