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Create your first set of story stones using Life of Colour paint pens

Story stones are sets of painted/pictured stones that are used to tell a story.

Each stone has a picture prompt such as a character, scene or object to assist the compilation of a whole story. You may choose to use a children’s storybook to create a set and add personalised differences to enable an extra element or paint random objects and characters for your story telling.

Read more about the benefits of story stones here!

Children love participating in rock painting using our Life of Colour paint pens and this is a perfect group activity!

"Diary of a wombat" story stones

We have chosen to create a set of stones with our Life of Colour acrylic paint pens! Our storybook of choice is “Diary of a Wombat” written by Jackie French with illustrations by Bruce Whatley.

To start off we read the whole book and compiled a list of key points that would be required to recreate the book using story stones.

A snippet of the book gives you an idea of the key points on the first page-

“Monday: Slept
Afternoon: Slept
Evening: Ate grass
Night: Ate grass

Here’s our list of key points- a wombat, grass, “zzz” for sleeping, days of the week, cloudy day, dust bath, welcome mat, carrots, three doors-( a door, a door with a hole in it,a fixed door) table and chairs, garbage bin, garden bed with flowers, a dug-up garden, a ladder, grocery bag, chewed up objects, bowl of oats, wet washing and a wombat burrow underneath the house. Of course the most important character to this story is the wombat!

You may notice that action words are not included in our list and the reason for this is to allow for children to interact with the stories characters as they can make scratching, digging motions with the stone.

Upon completion of our list we decided on our “colour motif” which is the colour scheme used throughout the book.

Life of Colour makes choosing a motif with your paint markers very easy and mess free - as boxes are organised into a colour scheme for you! Our chosen boxes were the Earth Colours, Classic Colours and Metallics - you can buy each box individually, or get them in a bundleand save money! Our paint markers are  the best alternative to poscas available in Australia and New Zealand.

Don’t worry about making exact copies of the illustrations in the book- as long as each key point is recognisable to reconstruct the storyline you will have an effective set of story stones.

Next step: Create your wombat rock!


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