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Colourful gift rock with your paint pens and watercolours

Part of human nature is to be generous to others and most people I know wish that they could give more to others. Sometimes the simplest handmade gift can be the most heartfelt gesture to show others how much we care.

From showing our love on birthdays, condolences for a loved one, sending a get well soon sentiment or simply wanting to say “I appreciate you!”, a handmade gift says all of these things and more!


Britto inspired rock

Spread some sunshine with our Britto inspired rock creation using a combination of Life of Colours acrylic paint pens and Watercolour brush pens.

Romero Britto is a Brazilian artist that uses a combination of cubism, pop art, and graffiti with pops of vibrant colours and patterns.

Can you use watercolour pens on rocks?

We have had many people enquiring whether or not our Watercolour brush pens can be used on rocks and we are going to show you the essential points to extend the life of your rock creations. 

We recommend creating indoor, gifting rocks using our Watercolour brush pens.

Britto inspired Gift rock painted with Life of Colour Watercolour brush pens and Acrylic paint markers.

Step one: Prime your rock with a base coat of white! Avoid enamel paints , many types of white water based priming paints are available and suitable for use with Life of Colour paints. 

It is absolutely necessary to use a white primer in order for the Watercolour paint to be effectively seen.

Step two: Using a 1mm acrylic paint pen create a sunburst shape to one side of your rock. Around the other side place assorted shapes - flowers, stars, a moon, rainbow stripes, sunbeams and swirls until the rock is covered with designs ready for colours.

Step three: Now comes the fun! Use your Life of Colour watercolour brush pens in conjunction with your acrylic paint markers to colour your rock with funky, bright pizazz! We used a blend of blue watercolours for the sky behind the sun and a combination of orange watercolour with our yellow acrylic paint pen for the sun. Always clean off your pens after blending using a wet piece of towelling.

Step four: Once you have completed the colours to your rock it’s time to touch up the edges of necessary and add some more gold stars over the top.

Step five: Drying time! Add extra drying time to ensure that when you seal your rock that you don’t have any colours bleed. Spray small amounts of sealant from a distance, wait for that layer to dry and repeat until you have sufficiently sealed the rock.

Other ideas

Here’s a first birthday rock that has had watercolour highlights added over the top of our acrylic paint pens.

Here’s a commemorative rock to share a heartfelt sentiment for the loss of a family pet.

There are a number of simple steps that we can take to make generosity more intentional in our lives so that loved ones, people close to us or those that are in need of knowing that someone cares dearly about them are able to feel comforted, appreciated and loved. Why not purchase your loved one a set or two of our Life of Colour paint supplies so that they too can join in on the act of gifting.

 Autumn inspired rock

 Rock fairy garden

Dinosaur egg for a Jurassic Park enthusiast

8 creative ideas for all ages to paint together

Join the Life of Colour art group on Facebook and show us your gifting ideas and creations, it’s a group full of inspiration.


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