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Where to find inspiration to start your next art piece?

While there’s a whole world out there to discover and inspire us, an abundance of stimulation can sometimes make it difficult to find the perfect starting point. We’ve turned to our Life of Colour Community to find out not only where they get their inspiration but also what makes them tick!

1. Action!

When looking for the perfect inspiration Crystal @Crystalmclainarts is quick to point out that “it’s the action itself that inspires...”. Rather than searching for inspiration, Crystal herself trusts in the process of creation itself to inspire her as she goes. Just the process and evolution of her work creates a sense of “magic”.That in itself, is the very inspiration that drives her creativity forward.

So next time you’re looking for that big inspirational moment, put your Watercolour Brush Pen to paper and let the rhythm of the magic happen on its own!

@crystalmclainarts and some of her "magic"

2. It’s All About the MUSIC

I’m sure that a song can easily trigger the memory of any big moment in your life. From your first dance to the radio tunes blasting as you cruise the roads with your fresh driving license; and everything in between – song lyrics can easily transport us into new feelings and memories; setting you off on any given number of creative paths. Maureen @smilowrocks describes herself as being inspired by “60’s song lyrics…” The music is what drives Maureen’s inspiration as she describes, “Since I usually paint for a Hospital I like to paint in vibrant colour as if the good energy from the song could be exaggerated “.


Rock art inspired by song lyrics by @smilowrocks

3. Quote of The Day

Words are one of the most powerful tools we can have as human beings, from novels to a simple song or poem, it is easy to see how words can evoke certain moods and emotions. Such is the path of inspiration taken from none other than Himani @pensomaniac, a lettering enthusiast who uses her love for words to create art that “is inspired by the meaning of the quote itself.”

Find a quote that speaks to your soul and keep it handy to look upon during those times of creative block!

"positivity is refreshing" brush lettering by @pensomaniac

4. Doodle it into Existence

If you are still unsure of where to start then let your fingers do the talking. Lay down all expectations and start with a simple scribble or doodle on a piece of paper and take it from there, who knows what the end result could be? I think you’ll find that you are pleasantly surprised by where a simple doodle can get you! Lulu @lululab – “I'll usually start with a doodle and as it progresses, so will the enormous creative mess!.. My doodling starts with an idea that I have in my head that I want to see fleshed out on paper. My doodles generally end up either being covered in floral designs or have the environment around them imagined. I'm always happy when what starts out as a doodle ends up being a complete scene.”

5. Insta Inspired

With digital access to what seems like an unlimited supply of artists and creators it can be said that inspiration sits at the very edge of our fingertips. Tracy @tracysbujo, a self proclaimed pen addict, describes her use of “Instagram for inspiration - There are so many amazingly creative and artsy people on there!” It can be as simple as taking some time out from our day to scroll through the Insta world and feed our creative spirit.

Bullet Journal Spread

6. The World Around Us

The huge focus on social media and our digital existence can sometimes take away from the simple things in life. A stroll through a park or even catching the way the light hits the window, can all be the foundations for your next big hit of inspiration. We turned to Kiki @kikicustomart to discover how she gets inspired by nature and the world around her - “I like to snap photos of pretty flowers or landscapes I see when I am out and about for reference photos later!”

Flower Painting

7. It's all about Colour!

Finally, we spoke to Sara @saraschroederart about where she finds inspiration to create her beautiful, watercolour pieces. "Often my inspiration comes from colours I see together out in the world. Something will grab my attention and I’ll note how it makes me feel, then I’ll try to bring that into a painting. Recently though, my inspiration has come more from a curiosity of watercolour. My whole 100 day project was based simply on using a particular type ofwatercolor pen. I became transfixed by how the pen and watercolor behaved with different amounts and applications of water and different brushes. Before I knew it, a whole body of work was under way."

We’re all searching for that little piece of inspiration! We were surprised to discover how each one of our Life of Colour Artists were inspired in their own unique ways. From movement, to quotes, to Instagram walls or just a flower turning to the sun on the path – life is full of colourful inspiration just waiting to set us on our very own creative journey.

LIVE A LIFE OF COLOUR and get inspired today!


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