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Teachers Day Giveaway

Last week we celebrated World Teachers Day, so at Life of Colour we wanted to give you all an opportunity to recognise a teacher that has made a difference in your life. Hopefully we have all got to experience one of these special people who have helped shape us and our kids to be better people.

We asked you to nominate your (or your child's) favourite teacher and give us a reason why. One of these teachers was randomly picked from the list and they have won $200 worth of Life of Colour products.

All other teachers will receive a free pack of pens in the post, in recognition of all of their hard work and dedication. (If you can send us the address of your school, that will really help us)

Teaching has not been an easy job during Covid, and we want to let all the teachers know how we appreciate them. If you are a teacher, or one of our nominated teachers reading this, thank you for all you do.

Now for the winner!

We received so many heartfelt nominations, so obviously we could not pick a winner ourselves. We used a random number generator to pick from our long list of nominations.

Our winner is Angie Dwyer from Christian Community Baptist Preschool, Casino, nominated by Olivia Flynn.

This is what Olivia had to say: "She goes above and beyond every single day, always with the children’s best outcomes at heart. She has learnt sign language to ensure that my child can communicate with his peers and other teachers. She ensures all relevant resources are available and nothing is ever a problem. The trust and value I place in her is substantial and I couldn’t have wished for anyone better to help transition us into school life."

Please let your teacher know they have won and to email us on or call us on (02) 9337 2189 to claim their prize.

Send this blog along to the teacher you nominated to show them the lovely words you had to say about them! All of the nominations are below. Enjoy reading them. I know they brought a few tears to my eyes!

All Teachers' Day Nominations:

Nominated By Teachers name School Name Why they are wonderful
Melissa Karam Joelene Upcroft Griffith North Public School. She made learning from home fun for my son which motivated him to learn, she is the first teacher my son has had that he loves and has made him love school, her class is the most amazing learning environment.
Ashlie Olson Taylor Jackson Cronulla Public School Miss Jackson is all things awesome! She truely is a rare gem.
She loves my (wild) son and looks out for, and is there for him always. She is like this with all her students. We love her and are so excited to be back with her in a few weeks.
Natalie Hersch Felicia Kowalski Moriah College She has been unbelievably caring, dedicated and brilliant during our lockdown and online learning!!
Keira Day Natasha Kosic Glenmore Park Public This year she has gone above and beyond especially in lockdown, not only was she calling harper 2x a week, she was making extra work out of her own time so harper didn't fall behind. She would either drop or post twice a week. Harpers alot of work and can be quite violent but her teacher is so kind hearted. Harper this year alone has learnt to read a little better. Even on phone calls with all my family's health problems she done personal calls and was a listening ear.
Brooke Burrell Melissa Mungoven Singleton Heights Public School Melissa is tirelessly creating beautifully educated children that absolutely worship the ground she walks on…
Melissa speaks so highly of all of her students and she has had quite a hard time not seeing them during recent lockdowns.She has dedicated her entire life to the education of kids in our local area.
Alison Donnelly Joanne Whitford Sherwood Ridge Public School My daughter started kindergarten this year. We had moved so she didn't know anyone beforehand. Mrs Whitford (somehow?!) has managed to create such a warm, welcoming and creative space with a group of children who are now so close. This is even more impressive when they have completed all of term 3 at home, and without their classmates. During home learning, my child was given the extension work she needed, book recommendations and encouragement to foster her love of learning. The amount of care and attention that Mrs Whitford has given every single student in her class is a mammoth effort and one that is so appreciated.
Tanya butler Mr Ross Whalan public school He always goes above and beyond for all of his students. My son wouldn't of made it through primary school without him by his side.
Taylah Develyn Mellissa Wilson Oxygen College Ballarat This amazing woman has inspired me beyond words can describe.
She has pushed my skills and challenged me, she has given me the confidence to sign up for a diploma of visual arts for next year, she has opened my eyes to new artists and art forms, she brings a vibrancy to class that is incomparable to any other.
Her passion has driven us through this lockdown and through our learning via Teams.
I'd like to nominate her to show how much we all appreciate her efforts and support.
She is a gem
Sarah Deeth Rachel Smith Douglas park primary school Mrs Smith has gone above and beyond with home learning - making it simple for parents, accessible and thorough. She cares for her students and has helped them to connect socially with each other throughout lockdown. Mrs Smith cares about her kids well-being giving them lots of creative options to thrive and manage stress. Each little learning from home school packet came with words of encouragement and little gifts. What a special teacher.
Kaisha Brennan Miss Steven’s Batemans bay Primary school I appreciate her because she gave my eldest girl the best start to her school life then I could ever imagine, she is understanding, caring, listens to all concerns, helped in anyway she can, goes out of her way to help her students the best way she can… always smiling.. I can’t praise her enough.
Laura Hodge Lence Grujovski Bossley Park High School She is an excellent teacher to share with! She is kind and caring and genuinely loves her subject and her students. She's always there to lend an ear and to be a sounding board for ideas.
Lockdown has been a tough time for her, with teaching from home while teaching her 6 year old and occupying her preschooler. She really deserves a lovely surprise like some Life of Colour goodies.
Bel King Tracey Johansen Bimbadeen Heights Primary School My daughter has started prep this year and Tracey is her teacher. It’s been an extremely difficult here in metro Melbourne with continuous lockdowns. Tracey has been a constant support for her kids and all of us parents as we navigate school for the first time and in and out of lockdowns.
She’s shown us all patience, kindness and compassion.
Averyll Fitzgerald Ronel Van der Berg Cooloola Christian College Mrs V' is compassionate, engaged and has a LOVE of inspiring and encouraging her 29 student class to not only do their best but BE the best that they can be... whatever level they are at.
'Mrs V' understands the needs of the kids in her care are more than just academic and that kindness, support and acceptance of individuality within the classroom is essential when neurodiversity is present.
She has made such an impact on the students and the school community
Teresa Neves Mrs Smith Hurstville Public school Mrs Smith has made the lock down for our kindies interactive and fun with lots of experiments games and zoom classes to see all the little friends . She’s been great with the parents in helping where she can and has been a positive happy role model for the kids , parents and other teacher !
Penny Allibon Nerida Newell Bundoora Public School I have never met a teacher who puts in so much. She is incredibly passionate about her work. Not only does she run the most engaging, exciting, educational Performing Arts classes. she also coordinates and teaches Auslan to the whole school. She also:
Leads a school choir
Teaches the school rock band
Has students perform regularly at school and community function.
Produces an AMAZING school concert- choreographs, teaches, costumes , builds props, directs etc
On top of this she sings beautifully and performs at school events.
Nerida is an active, popular member of staff who works collaboratively. Her energy and enthusiasm is untiring.
Nerida is the most inspiring teacher I have worked with.
Sandra Van Luyn Michelle Pearson Tomaree Public School Michelle looks after my Autistic son in one of 3 special needs classes.
She has been absolutely fantastic with helping my son.
She also makes learning fun by including lego, starwars and other interests.
Its not an easy job but she makes it so much fun and the children miss her during lockdown.
Mell Haley Felicity Christy The Grange P-12 College I have found her to be utmost professional and loving towards her students and school in general. There has not been a time that she hasn't thought of her student's class schedule and activities, even through Breast Cancer and treatments. Felicity is a warm, kind hearted person and is one of the best Teachers we have had the pleasure to meet.
Carol Burgess Amanda Maude Hoskins Education and Care Centre I have nominated Amanda because she is a fantastic, tolerant, very helpful person yet she is able to get through to my grandson, a special needs child as he has ADHD, ODD and possibly ‘low level autistic spectrum’. There are nor many teachers who have the patience or the skills to reach a child like James, but she has it all. I’m thankful that she has been a very good influence on what can sometimes be a turbulent life.
Megan Moores Shelby McPherson Francis Greenway High School The amount of wonderful things she does in school and out school, her thoughts are always assigned to school. When we could not teach face to face. Mrs Mac kept up a routines and every morning we chatted on google teams, played Kahoot, discussed what we did, work to do. This also assisted their mental health, which is paramount.
Above and beyond, so dedicated to her work and students.
Kim Ferguson Lena Freeman Wondai state school On the first day My granddaughter started her class Mrs Freeman recognised AydaS problem and organised her help and helped her with her confidence and social problems and Ayda started to be bullied Again Mrs Freeman was on to the problem. Each child in her class is nurtured and encouraged, this selfless lady put my faith back in to the school system
Kristine Burgess Amanda Maude Hoskins Education and Care Centre Amanda is one of the most caring educators she goes out of her way to find new and exciting experiences for the children in her care. Amanda is very approachable and is happy to answer any questions parents may have.
Hannah Murray Kate Jones Hornsby North Public School She was my son’s year one teacher last year and made such an amazing difference to him. My son is autistic and has adhd. Mrs Jones brought him out of his shell and nurtured his skills and talents. She was amazing during home based learning and called to check on us regularly.
Julie Quirke Principal Karen Illawarra primary school She goes to any length to make sure everyone feels welcome at her school. I’m a single mum on disability who comes from domestic violence and Karen has always gone above and beyond to make sure my children are safe and that I felt safe in the knowledge she would do anything to keep them that way. Not only that when I changed my children’s schools due to loving from a house full of mould which left my children without beds she made sure they jad a bed to sleep in when we moved. She is one very special lady with a stern but kind heart and there is no words to express how truly special this lady is, plenty of times I don’t know where I would be without her. She is one of a kind and we will all always miss her.
Syham Charkawi Iman Fakoua Al-Faisal College I nominate her because she has always inspired me to be a good person and she taught me everything I need to know on how to succeed. She was truly the best teacher that I have ever had.
Nitya Ratna Narda itskos oakdale primary school Narda is an inspiration to all her students, she enjoys teaching and sincerely cares for each student. During this lockdown she placed incentives, small gifts in each students home learning pack, which she paid for herself.
Bec Campbell Rochelle Mandelson Ngunnawal Primary School Her energy, enthusiasm and passion for teaching is inspirational. She was the only teacher that was able to get my daughter to go into school a couple of years ago, when my daughter’s anxiety was through the roof and my daughter wasn’t even in her class. Fast forward to this year and she is my youngest daughter’s teacher – my daughter started the year and she absolutely hated reading but with Rochelle’s encouragement, she now loves it. Rochelle has also spent considerable time planning and running school fundraiser and social activities, such as the annual trivia night. I couldn’t think of anyone more deserving
Damon Taylor Renee Matheson Narromine Augustine's Parish School Renee has always made sure that my child, and other children in her school is heading in the right direction with things. No child is put in the "too hard to deal with" basket. Renee is always actively involved with every child's success and fails. Because of Renee, one of my child's favourite subjects is maths
Joanne Goyen Anne Minogue Sutherland North public school I was lucky enough that 2 out of my 3 children got taught by Mrs Minogue.
This teacher was amazing, she went above and beyond to cater to my children’s different needs. She respected her students who in turn respected her. She was compassionate and understanding of real life issues that may have effected the children weather it happened at school or at the child’s home. This teacher is a huge asset to the school. My youngest child finished primary school last year so I no longer have any children attending Sutherland North Primary school, however she still remains in my mind as the best teacher my children ever had.
Lyn Harris Jason Harrison St Thomas More Catholic Primary School He has been at the school for 13 years and has had his students at the front of his mind at all times. Nothing is too much trouble where his students are concerned.
Heidi Curran Dan Shackcloth Grovely State School Dan is kind, generous and so patient. The children adore him and no question is ever off limits. He inspires the children to want to learn, to ask questions and to seek the answers for themselves.
Melissa Neale Pati Vaughan Katoomba North Public School Miss V. Has a calm, warming presence. Her friendly kind hearted nature shines through. Even through a zoom classroom you can feel she has a genuine interest for what the kids want to learn about.
As a parent she has given me time, ideas and support to help though home schooling due to lock down.
Zeljka Mihic Mrs Gourley North Curl Curl Public School she is a caring and loving teacher. She is eager to teach students new things and is willing to share her knowledge with others.
Pip Lloyd Lauren Shirdon beacon Hill public school She has gone above and beyond for her students during this challenging time to delivering school working packs to individual house and holding a number of zoom calls to all students both class and Individual to help ensure that parents can meet work expectations.
Jessica Morris Elisabeth Rennie Bethany catholic school They made a huge impact on my son’s life when he was in kindergarten. He was recently diagnosed with ADHD at the time and was very full on, but she supported him the whole year through and encouraged him to do his best. He came a way with an Application award and a love for learning which is still strong now in year 3. She still regularly asks me for updates on how he is going and loves to see pictures of him.
Donna Stackman Samantha Coutts Tenambit Public School Sam is always learning about her craft, reading, watching and spending time in the classrooms of others to pick up tips on how to best deliver the learning her own class may need. She develops solid relationships with her students, knows what their interests are, what they dislike and the family backgrounds - all taken into consideration when immersing them in learning.
Magnolia Crea Carly Beth Nugent Porepunkah primary school The best teacher you could possibly wish for,
She’s kind, helpful, funny, smart and even the author of an award winning book ‘The Peacock Detectives’-
She has been helpful and reliable throughout 2020 + 2021 lockdowns and is not grumpy, mean nor bossy-
Always smiling and generous.
Nicole Gerace Phil McMurray Penrith Anglican College Mr Mac has been an incredible support to not only my daughter but all the students during lockdown. It can be tricky with lots of emotions and worries during homeschooling, but he has been so reassuring, supportive and so positive and uplifting with his interactions with the kids.. it makes all the difference.
Gina Micallef Olivia Sarah Powell Nepean Christian School We appreciate Mrs Powell and are honoured to have her as a teacher because she is nice helpful caring and very approachable and involves the whole family and gives a family environment and puts so much effort into all her children /students education puts a lot of thought and consideration in ensuring the kids have an understanding on what’s required with clear instructions and lots of one on one, she is enthusiastic about all students welfare, and always wants to have a close bond with everyone, we are so lucky to have her in our school...
Asha Hollingsworth
Emma-Lee Scott Lara Field Narromine High School Although Lara lives five hours away and we haven't lived in the same city for nearly 6.5 years, she offered advice, assistance, lesson plans and moral support even though she is finding teaching in a rural town during the pandemic extremely difficult. Teaching isn't just about the kids but also the collegiality and collaborative spirit of educators. I believe that Lara smashes all three.
Sonia Mehta Lena Erakovich Papatoetoe Central School All the amazing work she does by encouraging the kids to discover new things and helps them learn new things everyday.
She’s the only Science Teacher at School and is the most wonderful person
Maya Benjaman Miss Clutton Bellevue Hill Public school She always makes classes fun and exciting. She is really kind during our classes and she always lets us have developmental play at the end of school on Fridays!
She is really kind and caring.
Helen Hamilton Liesl Schulz Macquarie College Miss Schulz is an inspirational teacher who has changed the lives of most of her students, by turning them into bookworms and students who really look forward to coming to school every day, students really want to learn. She has incorporated nature activities into her lessons wherever possible.
Donna Prytula - Lucas Mrs Sparke Secret Harbour Primary School. Mrs Sparke was my son's teacher last year in Year 3. I still remember when Mrs Sparke called me in for a parent teacher meeting. We sat down and she looked at me and said "I don't know how else to tell you this, but your child is a genius." I was very taken aback. I knew he was very bright, but he seemed too "normal" to be gifted, let alone a genius, and no other teacher had pointed this out to me before. She proceeded to explain his personality and demeanour further, things like how mature and motivated he is, how liked and respected he is by his classmates, how he willingly helps out his classmates when they get stuck, and how amazed she is that he completely lacks the usual gifted quirks like perfectionism, needing attention and emotional difficulties. Again, I was so taken aback. My son's father was abusive and never appreciated him and is not in our lives, our extended family is completely unsupportive and not in our lives, my son doesn't have anyone other than me who sees him, and here I was sitting across from a teacher who was the first person to come along in his life to really, truly see him and fully appreciate the person that he is - it made me cry. She told me he was going to be grade-skipped into year 5 the following year and that he would need more skips. She motivated me to search out other education options for him, saying that the top private schools would love to have him. I just had not experienced having someone point out the value in my little family. Not only that, but she has been the only teacher that has challenged my son, she showed genuine curiosity in him (and the other gifted kids in the class) and threw away the curriculum and just let those kids soar. She took a risk and went outside the box, because she knew the kids needed it, and they thrived because of it. She stuck to her word and completely advocated for his successful grade skip (and yes, his IQ testing did come out at genius level!). Now this year, she has become the DigiTech teacher, so my son is lucky to have her still for 1 class a week. Even then she went out of her way and used her own time to enter the upper school kids into Robotics competitions because she believed in them so much. And when I knew the next skip had to happen so my son could start high school next year, I was met with some fear and resistance from the school, yet it was Mrs Sparke that reminded me that I know what he needs the best, and to trust myself, and sure enough her words gave me the confidence to get the second grade skip done.

Mrs Sparke completely changed the trajectory of my son's life. Not only that, she changed mine too, she made me a better parent to him and my daughter and helped me understand exactly what it was that was going on with them. The whole experience also made me reflect on my own experiences too and realise that I have similar brain wiring to my son so I was able to integrate and understand that part of me that had been dismissed and ignored. She gave my son the gift of been seen and helped him believe in himself and his abilities. She calls my son a once in a career student, but she has truly been a once in a lifetime teacher. She didn't let fear and a restrictive system get in the way. Instead, she gave my son wings so that he could fly.

What Mrs Sparke has given my family has been priceless, and I know that she is a very deserving winner of the Life of Colour gift voucher :)
Natalie Nheu Abigail Ha St Andrews Christian College A Japanese proverb goes as follows:
“Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher”

How very blessed we (the students of 1N) are to have not just one day but this whole year with Miss Nheu as our teacher.

Despite the many weeks of lockdown remote learning (yes we are in VIC) Miss Nheu has continued to brighten up the students day with
with her ever radiant being. You could call her the teacher of every parents dream. Her passion to help young minds grow is reflected in the passion the children have develop for learning.
The children are super eager to get back into the classroom just so they can see Miss Nheu!
We could list a million and one reasons why we think Miss Nheu is the best teacher but it would take all year.

Thank you Miss Nheu for making our world so colourful ❤️🌈 We hope that in nominating you that you can continue to make your life a - “life of colour”
Otto Miss Powell Black Rock Primary School We would LOVE to nominate Miss Sarah Powell of Black Rock Primary School, Black Rock. She is my grade 3 teacher and she has been the most wonderful supportive, thoughtful, caring, fun, entertaining, loving teacher. It’s truely teachers like her that make learning so much fun. Our Webex classes are always a laugh, she asks us all what we do on weekends and what we like and she really listens to each of us and let’s us talk as long as we want and lets us show her our pets and toys we have. She helps me with my maths, and reading and plays lots of fun games like Kahoots and Bingo. We have missed her so much during lockdown and cannot wait to be back in the classroom with her.

We hope she wins this prize.
Here is a photo of our entire class and Miss Powell.
Oscar Jackman Miss Joanna Hayes. Black Rock Primary School I would love to nominate my grade 6 teacher Miss Hayes. This year has been hard, it’s my last year of Primary School and I have missed a BIG chunk of it. I also get anxiety going to school, but having Miss Powell as my teacher has made this so much easier. She is caring and so supportive and has understood me and helped me with everything. She is always very positive and makes us laugh. We do heaps of cool projects and activities and she is always giving us good feedback and telling us we have done a great job. I have been really lucky to have her as my grade 6 teacher and I really hope she wins this prize because she deserves it.
Fiona Knight Laura packer macarthur early learning
Michelle Houston EMILY WARNE Mount Warrigal Public School We are colleagues in the special education support unit. She goes above and beyond for every student at our school, and is always caring and supportive. She works exceedingly hard but is always smiling and a joy to be around.
Katie Hamilton Traci Driscoll The Rock Central School She has been a huge asset to the school and the way she interacts and teaches all her students. I believe It's not just a job to her but she truly enjoys going to school each day. All the kids are always talking about her and her weekly dress ups are a favourite. She is always spoiling the kids and i think it's her turn for a treat.
Ty Taylor Miss Jessica Neilson Mount Annnan public school NSW 2567 Even though it's hard at the moment and everyone is doing an amazing job at learning to teach differently all teachers and school staff need a huge shout out (not just the amazing Mount Annan staff but all teachers in Australia) but Miss Neilson has taken time to call all her class and chat with the parents to see how the children are going and how the family is as well, she has been zooming all the children and even though she has only been in twice to face to face teach she has taken time to send through the post a individual letter to all the children and it lit my son's face as he received mail which very really happens so this was a HUGE suprise. When I child hasn't turned up for their zoom, or face to face class or handed in work she has personally called to make sure the child is ok! not to see why they didnt do the work but she is genuinely interested and cares she has gone beyond her role as a teacher to praise the child and to make a huge, positive impact on the child and their learning and mental health.
Thank you miss Neilson your the best.
merima telalovic Sonia Ford Golden grove primary school She is amazing teacher and even kids struggling at the beginning of the year with some subject she ll turn world upside down by the end of the year that will be their favorite school year.
Tracey and James Kennedy Jessica Hawkins Regentville Public School We want to nominate my sons year five teach at Regentville Public School. Jessica Hawkins is an amazing teacher. She is dedicated and caring, it is obvious how much she loves teaching her students. My son loves his time in her classroom. During lockdown her support and teaching has not faulted. Just an all round great teacher.

Thanks Mrs Hawkins for being you!
Gemma and Isabella Danna Stoker Harbord Public School NSW Miss Stoker has been amazing! She made our little girls first experience of school such a positive one. Through lockdown she has been great for both kids and parents. She’s caring and understanding and has such a lovely nature. We are so glad we got her as a kindy teacher!
Eliza Mrs (Maureen) Jones. Governor Philip King Public school in Edensor Park. I would like to nominate a past teacher on behalf of my daughter, who still comes back to support the children as a volunteer for Governor Philip King Public school in Edensor Park.

All her dress ups as crazy characters for book week and assemblies, to her kind supporting ways.
She has helped support my daughter to learn to read when I didn't know where else to get help. She is the best teacher, and her retirement will have her very missed, but im so glad she still comes back to volunteer.
A & T Bird Mr Williamson
Mount Annan Public School
Emma Evans Mellanie Pirie Figtree Heights public school. Mel Pirie is a kindergarten teacher and in my opinion one of the best educators I have ever experienced.

She is the perfect balance of kind, funny and firm. She has complete control of her classroom at all times but never raises her voice or uses anything but a loving tone of voice and her kids ADORE her.

As a parent helper for both my kids I've watched this amazing women ease the fear and worries of so many kids whilst keeping the lessons on track for the rest.
She respects children and their emotional needs and while also pushing them just the right amount to help them develop and grow.

The kids who she teaches receive a rich and full educational experience filled with songs, stories, painting, puppets and funny voices.
I wish every school had a Mellanie Pirie because if they did every child would start their education absolutely loving learning.
Rachelle Robertson Alyssa Meek Arcadia Vale Public School NSW 2283 Alyssa has been absolutely fantastic this past few months with home schooling.
I am greatful for ALL the hard work and effort she has put in for our children.
Sally Whitburn. Mrs Gett Narrabri west public school She was my kindergarten teacher, I was very frightened on my first day of school and she made me feel like I belonged there. We did lots of art projects during the year and she started my love of drawing. I’m in year 5 now but she is still my favourite teacher.
Abigail Ha Natalie Nheu St Andrews Christian College A Japanese proverb goes as follows:
“Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher”

How very blessed we (the students of 1N) are to have not just one day but this whole year with Miss Nheu as our teacher.

Despite the many weeks of lockdown remote learning (yes we are in VIC) Miss Nheu has continued to brighten up the students day with
with her ever radiant being. You could call her the teacher of every parents dream. Her passion to help young minds grow is reflected in the passion the children have develop for learning.
The children are super eager to get back into the classroom just so they can see Miss Nheu!
We could list a million and one reasons why we think Miss Nheu is the best teacher but it would take all year.

Thank you Miss Nheu for making our world so colourful ❤️🌈 We hope that in nominating you that you can continue to make your life a - “life of colour”
Carly Ratner Mrs Smith Moriah College She has been amazing and understands every child’s needs in the classroom. She is inspiring and has a strong work ethic and the students listen to her and enjoy her classes she is just an all round great teacher.
Ahmad Sleiman Annum Hameed Rissalah college lakemba I appreciate her so much because she's very kind and helpful to us and she's a fun and supportive teacher specially during homelearning. Also the most important that she always wants her students to be the best.
Kylie Paterson-Zigouras Miss Courtney
Seaford North Primary School Courtney went above and beyond to help my son as he was behind with his reading and witting. I am so appreciative of all the extra work she put in to assisting him, not only at school, but as home by supplying me with resources, tools and information. A very dedicated and amazing teacher.
Tess Tobin Fiona De St Germain (St. Ignatius College, Riverview) Fondly known as "Mrs De", Fiona is an amazing and caring teacher who taught my daughter twice during her primary school years at St Kevin's Catholic Primary School, Dee Why. Fiona has moved on to St Ignatius this year and my daughter has moved on to high school.
St. Kevin's were extremely privileged to have Fiona as part of the team over the years she worked there.
She had such a positive approach with all the students, whether they were the most popular and academic or the kid that needed a bit more help that was quiet and shy and sat in the background.
My daughter has additional needs and I truly believe having Fiona as her teacher made her grow and thrive on both an educational and personal level in so many ways. Fiona is a not only a fantastic teacher but also a friend to her students. The tears and chanting of her name from the students on her last day at St Kevin's said it all. Thank you for everything you did for our daughter Fiona. You are a legend! 😊
Stacey Bailey Stacey Cooper Lake Macquarie High School My favourite teacher is Mrs Cooper because she always makes learning fun. Whether we are learning in or outside the classroom.
She is always there if we have any problems, at home or school, she helps us through them. She is an awesome listener.
Home learning is hard and she sets small challenges to make it more engaging.
Elizabeth Pryce-Jones Sarah Dore Windale Public School Hi I would like to nominate Sarah Dore she works at Windale Public School she is my neighbour and the best teacher ever she is amazing at her job and also with all the kids in our street. She is patient, clever and has a real understanding of children and how to relate to them and get the best out the them. She deserves to be recognised for her hard work and complete dedication to the job and the children she teachers.
Beck Lumsden Elizabeth Liddle Mudgee public school This loving lady goes above and beyond for her students, Mrs Liddle has taught her students alot about the Aboriginal culture, always takes time with each and every student who needs that little push to get going. Mrs Liddle has taken onboard with helping me out with my son's ADHD n Autism diagnosis, during homeschooling in term 3 she would always check in and see if we were doing ok, and always offered to help out if we were ever needing it.. without Mrs Liddle our students would be lost, Mudgee public school has a great teacher they should be so proud to have this lovely lady to teach our kids. Mrs Liddle everyday brings a smile to each and everyone of her students.
Thanks Mrs Liddle your a gem ❤️
Rebecca Mr. Andrew rolls James Erskine Public School in NSW 2759 His such an amazing Kindergarten teacher! His always so helpful with the kids, so patient with them !

He deserves to be spolied for all his hard work especially being in lockdown for 12 weeks of the school year which has seen the children very upset and distraught but somehow Mr. Rolls always picks the children's spirits up and continues to help them through home schooling

Please please consider him!
Samantha Harms Naomi turnbull Tuggerawong public school Totally invested in a child's ability to learn and grow
Lauren Phillips Mrs Barb Dobner Queanbeyan Public School Barb is a Kindy teacher (our Kindy teacher) and we have been in lockdown since August. Ours was a sudden lockdown - the kids finished school on a Friday and have never gone back. Barb has gone out of her way to make this an easier transition. The virtual work is posted but Barb goes above and beyond and posts videos of her reading stories, videos of her helping with some of the work themes, and every single day she posts picture and starts a conversation about things like her dog or her garden or her favorite book. She has kept (and encouraged) that sense of connection for her Kindy class and my Kindy kid has continued to bloom and feel part of that class. She provides the kindest feedback on submitted work each day to give our children every chance of success but more importantly, to ensure that this lockdown isn’t effecting their mental health and sense of belonging too much. What more could you ask for in a teacher?
Amy Murdock Mrs T. Corindi Public School She teaches my twins, Axel and Aria in year 1. She is so loving and invested in their learning. They have come so far in this year of having her as their teacher!
Amy Murdock Mrs LaCoste Corindi Public School She teaches my daughter, Avril in kindergarten. She is amazing with the kids and Avril loves learning from her. So important in their first year of big school to have a connection with their teacher.
Amy Murdock Miss Manjit & Miss Sonia Tiny Treasures Preschool These lovely ladies have played such an important role in all of my kids lives. My youngest daughter, Ailey goes to preschool now and absolutely adores these two! They are so kind and make the kids feel right at home.
Samantha Harms Chris quigg Orange high school Showed love and dedication
she always went that extra step to look out for my niece and nephew
She is awesome
Rebecca Spiteri Kylie Dylan Ashcroft High school She inspires all the indigenous kids to always give it a go. Doesn’t matter what it may be but she is always encouraging the kids to get out and give everything a try. Education is key to Kylie and I see education in the same way so for that I would like to nominate Ms Kylie Dylan from Ashcroft High school NSW. Aboriginal Liasion Teacher and Art Therapy Teacher
Mrs Rodgers St John Fisher Catholic School Tumbi Umbi Mrs Rodgers from St John Fisher Catholic School Tumbi Umbi is my nomination because she's an inspiration to the staff and children at our school. She brings joy and smiles to the school community. She inspires us to be creative and calm. Mrs Rodgers celebrates student successes and works hard to create stimulating, meaningful learning experiences. We need more teachers like her.
Olivia Flynn Angie Dwyer Christian Community Baptist Preschool, Casino She goes above and beyond every single day, always with the children’s best outcomes at heart. She has learnt sign language to ensure that my child can communicate with his peers and other teachers. She ensures all relevant resources are available and nothing is ever a problem. The trust and value I place in her is substantial and I couldn’t have wished for anyone better to help transition us into school life.
Sarah McKee Bethany Shahrooei Karrendi Primary School, Parafield Gardens, SA Bethany is a language teacher who always delivers quality and engaging lessons to her students. She has a bubbly and caring personality and a passion for teaching.
Amber Lytham Samantha Cahill Sacred Heart Catholic Primary school, Mona Vale My son was diagnosed with dyslexia at the start of the year. Sam has not only ensured Cooper has access to specific tasks / resources that helps him learn but has built up his confidence in actually enjoying going to school and learning. She went off and independently researched and built up her skills to her a student with dyslexia on her own time when we sat down at the start of the year.

He hated school so much and it was a daily struggle to get him in the door. But this has gradually improved since the start of term 1.

With Covid / lockdown, Sam records a message of praise for each task Coop submit each day. This could easily be up to 10 tasks each day. This is obviously done outside of school hours and she has many discussions with his dyslexia tutor on how to work closely so they both can support my son to achieve his best

Sam has improved Coopers outlook and abilities and I can’t thank her enough
Shelby and Noah Twineham Corine Austin (Tucker) Wilton public school nsw 2571 We have been lucky enough to have Mrs Austin for my daughter year 6 last year and son this year for year 6. She is fun, energetic, compassionate and making a difference each and everyday to those she is educating. My daughter still talks about her non stop and my son is missing her face to face lessons during lockdown. She has not stopped providing contact and support during this difficult time and would love to acknowledge her with some colour to brighten up her day as she does to so many adding “life of colour” to everyone in her own unique way.
Kendall Joyce Michelle O’Keefe Tyndale Christian School, Blacktown NSW I would like to nominate a special teacher please.
Michelle goes above and beyond to make her class a structured, safe and supportive place for the children in her class. She actively builds relationships with not only the students but their families as well and partners with them in raising these amazing young people. I could not think of a more deserving person to be considered for this recognition.
Olivia Flynn Karen McDonald St Mary’s Primary Casino Karen McDonald is an icon at our school. She is currently the longest serving teacher and has spent her entire career at our school. Over the years she has had a profound impact on so many families in our community. Personally, she has inspired me throughout my childhood, teaching career and now as a parent. I feel very fortunate that my child now has a wonderful relationship with ‘Miss Mac’ and is also being inspired by her giving attitude.

Karen is one of the most caring and selfless people I know. She provides in many ways for students in need and is always available for students and colleagues whether it be for advice or just a chat. She is extremely humble and most of her good deeds are performed without others knowing.

Karen is considered an outstanding teacher both in the classroom and out. She has endured the many changes education has seen over the past decades and continues to provide excellent learning experiences for all students, mentoring for colleagues and service for our wider community.
Gay Parnaby Jilliann McLean Gosford East Public School 1. Jilliann decided at 27yrs age to apply for a Bachelor of Teaching degree after enjoying teaching sport with a private company throughout schools across Sydney During her first year at Uni she gave birth to her first born. Many a lecturer at University of Western Sydney would be seen nursing him during lectures when babysitters weren't available. She graduated as a targeted teacher to Fairfield Heights PS.
2. After 2 more children and a move to the Central Coast she is still very dedicated despite being temporary. (this is due to maternity leave, moving areas and shortage of permanency on the Coast; she is applying for many AP and permanent positions) Jilliann was instrumental in devising all the online learning zoom lessons for her stage during all COVID lockdowns, even allowing other schools to borrow for their students. She believed that learning at home must be fun as well as educational so many special theme days were run with Jilliann dressing up, probably crazier than most students. She was also overseeing her 3 boys' learning.
3. The many things she has done so far in her career are implementation of a maths programme, run staff inservices, been sports coordinator, run athletic and swimming carnivals, taken representative sports teams, taught dance groups, organised and taught dances for year 6 farewells not only at her school but at her son's school, and above all introduced weekly staff bonding sessions.
4. Yes I know I am her mother, but as a retired teacher of 27years, I believe if all school staff were full of Jilliann's enthusiasm, dedication, improvisation, ininovations; all schools would be very happy, positive educational learning environments.

I've just added two photos of Jilliann...being Captain Underpants for Book Week, and Covid hair etc
Ashleigh Ms Carrie Roach Burraneer Bay Public School, Sydney NSW Not only is she an incredible teacher but her daughter has Cystic Fibrosis, which means she has not stepped foot on site since end of term 2. Instead of taking a step back, she helps every year 5 class with their online learning because she feels like she should contribute more as she needs to stay home to keep her family safe.
Ashleigh Ms Erica Tout Burraneer Bay Public School, Sydney NSW My daughter wanted to nominate Ms Tout. She loves her so much and is extremely upset that she has missed nearly half a year in her classroom. My daughter is in year 1 and hasn’t had a full year at school yet. Ms Tout made an huge impact on the progress of her year 1 students to get them back up to speed from last year and I know will make every minute count when they return.
Viviane Lambreton Mrs Leanne Cowie St Michael’s Catholic Primary School in Meadowbank.
She is an amazing teacher for our grade and also teaches art to other classes. She has inspired my daughter during the lockdown to embrace her arts and crafts more and is always encouraging her to do better and be proud of her work.
Marie for daughter
Danielle Demanawa 😊
in Papanui Christchurch, New Zealand.
She's been an amazing instrument for my daughter Danielle in coping and getting ahead with learnings during the lockdown period. She distributed school packs every week during lockdown among her students to keep them all up to date with their learning activities. And my daughter really enjoyed homeschooling because of it. 😊
We hope she wins this awesome prize because she truly deserves it.
Ashleigh Smyth Stephanie Fuad Hassall Grove Public School. She is my son's kindy teacher this year. He originally started school last year and maybe he just wasn't ready but we had to pull him out after just a couple of weeks when he wasn't quite settling in. He's pretty sensitive and it really knocked his confidence. I started to think that traditional schooling might not be for him and I wasn't going to send him back this year but decided to trial him for a term. Within the first week I knew he was going to be there to stay. With Miss Fuad as his teacher he has gained so much confidence in himself, he's learning so much but most importantly he feels comfortable and safe to really be himself.
Even when he is difficult she seems to handle him with so much empathy and kindness and I was so scared we wouldn't find that.
She is one of those people who you can just see she's in the right job, she cares and just it means so much to us.

Thanks to the lockdowns we haven't seen her since June but Arlo still speaks about her almost daily and I am so, so thankful!
kellee randall Brett Deighton and Sam Heselhurt Oxley state school Qld Both teachers have taught my daughter. They both understood my daughter and brought the best out in her. Whilst in their classes my daughter excelled academically.

They are truly amazing teachers to all children.
Reh Powell
Nichole Niotakis
Dunwich State School, Queensland 4183 Nicole has taught both my sons and is the most amazing, down-to-earth person. She takes an individual interest in each child that she has in her class, and makes sure she does everything to help that child succeed. Both my sons have been influenced to be better people, during their year in her class. She is the very essence of what it is to be an educator and what every teacher should strive to be! We really appreciate you Nichole!!!!!
Sabrina Johnson Miss Katie Fellows Farmborough Road Public School. Miss Fellows is an incredibly kind, fun and enthusiastic teacher. Through lockdowns, Miss Fellows constantly checked in on the wellbeing and mental health of not only my daughter, but me and the rest of my family too. She is firm, fair and caring, and every time my daughter has her as a teacher, she thrives. We hope everybody is lucky enough to have a Miss Fellows in their life!
Teegan Hextel Mr Dunn and Mrs medena Lisarow public school NSW Both have been a vital part of our sons schooling years. He has been through alot with going through diagnosis of ADHD and ASD LVL2 they have been very patient and understanding and have not discriminate or treated our son any different ( has in the past from children care centre they he was asked to leave from as they couldn't handle him) they have gone above and behind to help him , as he takes on his daily challenges just to live life.
Amy Mills Mrs Nicole Garin Sanctuary Point Public School (NSW 2540) Mrs Garin teaches a special needs class that my daughter Laila is in this year. Mrs Garin has encouraged Laila's creative mind to flourish by incorporating art and craft into her schoolwork, and encouraging her to self sooth away her frustrations with creativity.
Maria Ruiz Davila Isabel Ruiz Davila St Luke's Catholic School, Marsden Park Her determination to achieve her dream job, allows me to keep trying my best in my studies, especially in this time of lockdown.
Elise Fickler Rachael White Garran primary in Canberra. She's a kind, caring individual with a great sense of humour who always goes above and beyond to make her students feel welcome and included. Every morning she greets them with a smile, and even through lockdown has made sure to have a welcome for them on video. She also dresses up for the kids and rocks an Elmo suit.
Rebecca Tilley Naomi Peprah Niland public School NSW The effort, time and attention Naomi pours into her work and students is truly remarkable. Her motivation behind everything she does is purely out of love for her students. Influencing her students every single day with her positive attitude and love for learning. The dedication to her students and her role as their teacher is inspirational. Always finding new creative and colourful ways to make learning fun to help her students engage with tasks and in turn receive the best education possible. Working non stop after hours to be sure her students are supported with their individual additional needs being met. She is an inspirational teacher not only to me but to her students and many other staff at Niland.
Mandii Carr Clarie Leihn (nee Downey) Plumpton High School I attended Plumpton High School which is where Claire works still to this day. PHS is a school with a (former) reputation of providing a flexible education program to young mothers. It is located in a low SES area, just on the outskirts of Mount Druitt. However, do not let this scare you away what the area lacks in fiscal value, it makes up for with an abundance of character and a whole lot of heart. Claire Leihn (nee Downey) is not only one of the kindest and most compassionate people you will meet, but she is also incredibly humble. She truly strives to improve the lives of all of her students and even after all these years, she still shows up to work every day just wanting to make positive changes to her students. I was lucky to be in her dance and drama classes for years 11 and 12 - which meant we saw each other every day, sometimes twice a day (which definitely meant I was unable to skip any of her classes!) At that time, we were also both involved in school musicals, so not only did we see each other every day, occasionally we would see each other after school and on weekends depending on our rehearsals schedule. Make no mistake, I was not the best performing student, this is particularly when I was in my junior years in school. However, once I hit my senior years of schooling most of my friends had all but left and Mrs Leihn was a pillar of support for me and I believe those two years around her fundamentally changed me as a person. I am so lucky, she was able to put her time and energy into my potential. I am so grateful to her for not giving up on me and really pushing me to be better. Even now, she is always around for a chat if I need guidance or just want to chat with her. I know this is not always the case for some students, having a teacher invest so much into them. This is more often than not reflective in low SES areas, as there are a lot of contributing factors that impact students ability to learn that teachers have zero control over. It would be a travesty to not recognise Claire for all of the hard work she does as Head Teacher of Creative and Performing Arts.
To not recognise Claire for all the hard work she does teaching drama and dance units (and somehow making learning dance theory about Twyla Tharp fun - that I have retained this information).
To not recognise Claire for her contributions to the performing arts community. Finally, to not recognise Claire for being an incredible person who deserves this.
Clancy Follett TRACEY RIGNEY Victoria Point State (Primary) School near Brisbane, Qld I would like to nominate a teacher who is always helping me learn about ICT. I'm always coming to her to learn how to fix or do new things. She has taught me things that I can use in my own classroom to improve my teaching and make learning fun for my kiddos, and for that I'm eternally grateful. Her name is TRACEY RIGNEY from Victoria Point State (Primary) School near Brisbane, Qld. She loves her art too, so would really love your product I'm sure! ( I know I do!)
Clancy Follett Karen Flowers Victoria Point State (Primary) School near Brisbane, Qld I would like to nominate a gorgeous teacher who is always helping me learn new things for my new year level. I'm always coming to her to learn how things are done. She has taught me things that I can use in my own classroom to improve my teaching and make learning easier for my kids, and for that I'm eternally grateful. Her name is Karen Flowers from Victoria Point State (Primary) School near Brisbane, Qld. She appreciates art, as I do, and would really love your product I'm sure! ( I know I do!)
Belinda Joyce Ms Anna Ryall Tamborine Mountain College Lily would like to nominate Ms Anna Ryall from Tamborine Mountain College as Lily loves how kind, caring and happy (a lot of the time) she is. She really appreciates being gifted Ms Ryall as her teacher this year, as it was her first year at the College and Ms Ryall ensured Lily felt welcomed and safe.
Carina Ung Maria Nguyen William Stimson Public School She is an amazing, loving teacher who is always full of energy. She has the most patient to teach and always surrounds her students with inspiration to learn again everyday.
What a teacher, what a gift!!
Thank you Miss Nguyen!!!
Belinda Joyce Mr Stuart Fern Tamborine Mountain College Leo Dube would like to nominate his Prep teacher, Mr Stuart Fern (Tamborine Mountain College) for the prize for World Teacher's Day. Mr Fern has made Leo's first year of school a lot of fun, and Leo has had happy days at school when Mr Fern shares those days (sometimes he's away and it's not so much fun with the relief teacher).
Hayley Heinitz Mrs Michelle Carter Penrith Anglican College We would like to nominate Mrs Michelle Carter at Penrith Anglican College. She has made the transition to school easy, even with COVID restrictions. She greets all children and families with such genuine care and enthusiasm at the beginning of each day. Our daughter said that we should nominate Mrs Carter because: “Mrs Carter is kind and friendly. She listens. She makes me feel happy and she’s the best teacher”.
Sarah Taylor Mrs Catherine Nelson Manly Vale Public School During lockdown she she added personalised digital stickers to the Google slides, video responses, and organised fun activities on zoom to make the lessons more interactive and something the kids really look forward to. She is also kind-hearted and caring and helps both students and teachers in her deputy principal role.
Clancy Follett LYN McCALLUM VICTORIA POINT STATE SCHOOL, QLD who has taught me so much about behaviour management and planning ahead. She is an awesome team player and an excellent teacher who has positively affected my teaching, as she takes on the composite classes which has allowed me to teach a whole level. She works so hard to cater for all the kids in her class and gets great results!
SAMANTHA CREE VICTORIA POINT STATE SCHOOL, QLD has really helped me by teaching how things are done in my new year level. Showing me all the ropes has made me so grateful. She's a patient teacher who does so much for her class too.
Meg Henry Clancy Follett-McDonald VICTORIA POINT STATE SCHOOL, QLD She goes above and beyond for my son who has a disability, and refuses to learn but she comes up with some of the most inventive ways of engaging and helping him learn. She really brighten his and my day. Thank you
Lauren Tu'ipulotu Mrs Lee Hoffman Montgrove College She was an amazing teacher to have especially for the first year at school - always smiling, always welcoming (and I really mean always) but despite this she was no pushover. She was calm and firm and a real second mother to all her students. She was the best person you could ever have as a kindy teacher (or any grade!).
Holly M Jasmine Molineux Patrick's Road State School, QLD. My favourite teacher is my sister Jasmine Molineux at Patrick's Road State School, QLD. She is a year 1/2 teacher who always goes above and beyond for her students and all her past students as well. Everyone at Patrick's Road would agree that Miss Molineux is always smiling and laughing and she is DEFINITELY a very worthy recipient of the Life of Colour prize.
Jasmine Molineux Deborah Howe Patrick's Road State School, QLD. I nominate Deborah Howe at Patricks Road State School. She has been inspiring me since I was brand new to our school over 10 years ago. I have learned so much from watching her teach, working alongside her and I am very grateful to her for these experiences. She is an incredible educator and always gives her job (and most importantly, her students 110%). I feel very privileged to have worked alongside her. She’s a good egg!
Deborah Howe Holly Molineux Albany Hills State School. I nominate Holly Molineux who works at Albany Hills State School. She is an enthusiastic and inspiring teacher. She goes above and beyond the call of duty. She creates the most engaging lessons for the students in her class and inspires them to reach the stars. She promotes creativity and fosters their artistic abilities. Holly also passes on her love of netball to her students.
Holly M Ms Julie Willans Albany Hills State School I nominate my teaching partner, Ms Julie Willans at Albany Hills State School. She is the most enthusiastic and energised person I have met and she's been teaching for more than 30 years!! Julie creates a learning environment that encourages students to work hard, give their best and strive for excellence. Her students are independent and most of all happy to be at school!
Ellen Kira kaiako & kaiarahi Kura kaupapa Maori O Hokianga He has had abit of difficulties in his learning but the kaiako he has had this year has gone that extra mile to ensure he is up to par with the rest of his classmates, amazingly some is done through Art or Mahi Toi as its called at kura. This has helped him identify colors &numbers etc associated with art. I could go on but love his kaiako & kaiarahi to the moon & like all teachers they too are well deserving of this taonga.
Kyong Kim Alice Wu Montessori Academy at Castle Hill Regardless of COVID lockdown, Miss Alice has been working tirelessly for the benefit of all children as well as my own. Miss Alice, who as an educator is considered an essential worker and turns up to work attending to every children's needs. She assists working parents like myself by looking after and teaching my child in preparation for "big school". I cannot thank her enough. My child comes home everyday after pre-school singing praises of all her "teachers" including Miss Alice who puts a smile and lifts the mood for all children who have been affected by lockdown.
Kyong Kim Gaya Welegama Montessori Academy at Castle Hill Regardless of COVID lockdown, Miss Gaya has been working tirelessly for the benefit of all children as well as my own. Miss Gaya, who as an educator is considered an essential worker and turns up to work everyday attending to every children's needs. She assists working parents like myself by looking after and teaching my child in preparation for "big school". I cannot thank her enough. My child comes home everyday after pre-school singing praises of all her "teachers" including Miss Gaya who puts a smile and lifts the mood for all children who have been affected by lockdown.
Kyong Kim Anshu Poudel Montessori Academy at Castle Hill Regardless of COVID lockdown, Miss Anshu has been working tirelessly for the benefit of all children as well as my own. Miss Anshu, who as an educator is considered an essential worker and turns up to work everyday attending to every children's needs. She assists working parents like myself by looking after and teaching my child in preparation for "big school". I cannot thank her enough. My child comes home everyday after pre-school singing praises of all her "teachers" including Miss Anshu who puts a smile and lifts the mood for all children who have been affected by lockdown.
Kyong Kim Avani Vora Montessori Academy at Castle Hill Regardless of COVID lockdown, Miss Avani has been working tirelessly for the benefit of all children as well as my own. Miss Avani, who as an educator is considered an essential worker and turns up to work everyday attending to every children's needs. She assists working parents like myself by looking after and teaching my child in preparation for "big school". I cannot thank her enough. My child comes home everyday after pre-school singing praises of all her "teachers" including Miss Avani who puts a smile and lifts the mood for all children who have been affected by lockdown.
Kristy Funnell Tracy Funnell Fairfield West Public School From a young girl, Tracy always knew she wanted to be a teacher. As her little sister, I was frequently cast in the role of student as she 'marked the roll' or explained what we were required to do. I never thought much of it at the time, but as she grew, the passion only strengthened. There was never a doubt in her mind that teaching was the career for her. It's only now as an adult, that I realise the significance of this. A career isn't just for money. Being successful in your career requires passion. The kind of passion that can't be taught. My sister doesn't realise this, but she's taught me one of the most valuable lessons of all.
Natasha Cush Natasha Cush Aberdare Preschool I am nominating myself due to how hard this period in our lives have been, we do special packs each week for the children/ parents to come and collect, I might only work in a preschool but we try so hard to reach out to the community and help children in need. We are doing lots of improvements to our preschool, and we can’t wait for lockdown to be over! I then come home to 3 children 9,7 & 1 and help my older 2 children with all their home schooling plus tend to my baby and manage to cook dinner and organise every thing and every one for the next day. I think everyone needs a pat on the back. Keep dreaming and smiling ☺️
Hiba Khan Miss Derya Kabak Amity College Prestons How they have made an impact on my life: Miss Derya Kabak is an inspiring, caring, listening, guiding, and amazing teacher! She has been the absolute best teacher of all time, and is not only my maths teacher but also my awesome pastoral care teacher. She is so motivating and encourages me in all the way she can so a huge thank you to her for being the best teacher ever and helping me grow, learn and have fun. She always encourages me and motivates me, by telling me I have the potential, so I would also like to thank her for all the attention she has given me and made such a difference to my grades and attitude in may wonderful ways, I am truly grateful!
Bronwyn Karen Nolan St Joseph’s primary school Charlestown. She is an extremely dedicated kindergarten teacher who gets alongside each child, understands their individual needs and supports and encourages them to be their best. She has created fun and engaging learning activities throughout lockdown and maintained connection with my daughter (who has been having a hard time) by regular video and audio messages. We are very grateful for her and the effort she puts into the children and the school.
Manal Khan Ms Gulay Sacan Amity College, Prestons She has been not only a great teacher but also a wonderful mentor. Her classes were always a comfortable place with an easy atmosphere, and often our discussions would gravitate towards deeper conversation topics, where we should share life stories and lessons with each other. In that aspect, she helped me stay positive and motivated throughout the years. I would love going to her classes, and perhaps because of that, I began to love the subject she taught (maths advanced- accelerated) even more. I did my maths hsc one year earlier (in year 11) and I can say without hesitation that if it wasn’t for her and her amazing personality, I could not have performed as well as I did.
Helen Watt Clancy Follet Mater Hospital I would like to nominate Clancy Follett. Clancy has been teaching art therapy for breast cancer patients for the Mater Hospital for approximately 12 years, and raising money for Chicks in Pink through the art. Clancy has a wonderful repport and a understanding of how ladies with breast cancer are feeling. Her classes are always filled with laughter, fun and encouragement. With lots of support for anyone feeling down or just needs to talk. For myself, Clancy has persisted with me to realise I can draw, and paint and I have gained confidence in the art I can produce. This had been a life changing experience for me, as I now spend my spare time doing as much art as I possibly can.


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Kirsty Page

Kirsty Page

April 02, 2022

Hi I sent an email with my daughters nomination & it’s not on the list above..

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