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Dual Brush Pens Basics: lettering, journaling and more!

Dual Brush Pens are the newest addition to the Life of Colour family - and we want to fill you in on why these pens are awesome, and why you need them in your artist toolbox right now.

Life of Colour Dual Brush pens are a set of 12 classic coloured double-ended felt-tip brush markers plus a colourless blender. They are a versatile tool for hand lettering and journaling enthusiasts, from beginner to advanced.

On one side, a flexible brush tip to achieve strokes of varying widths with ease, perfect for lettering! On the other side, a 1mm sturdy fine tip for outlines, details and writing.

What are Dual Brush Pens good for?

We recommend the dual brush pens to any of you interested in lettering, card making, journaling, stamping and drawing on-the-go.

Take the Dual Brush Pens on your purse or backpack and create wonderful art pieces wherever inspiration hits, without the need of water, brushes or any other setup.

These are some of the uses we have been seeing from the community:

  • Lettering: achieve thick and thin strokes, smooth blending and shading effects.
  • Drawing, doodling and colouring in: add beautifully vibrant and blended colour to drawings and colouring books without the need for water or a brush.
  • Journaling: create beautiful spreads with lettering and illustrated details, plus write dates, add details and decorated lists with the fine tip.
  • Card making: do lettering on handmade cards to surprise your friends and family
  • Rubber stamping and more.

What is the difference between the Dual Brush Pens and Watercolour Brush Pens?

Our brush pen family has welcomed a new member, and some of you may ask: "if I already have the watercolour brush pens... why do I need these?". 

The number one difference is in the tips:

The watercolour brush pens have real brush nylon tips that provide the same texture a regular brush would, while the dual brush pens are double-ended.

Dual Brush Pens have a soft felt tip on one side, that allows more control over the stroke for cleaner edges and even colouring, and a sturdy fine nib on the other side for lines and details.

While you can do lettering with the watercolour brush pens as well, we recommend you try this new and specific set of pens and find out for yourself which adjusts better to your style!

Dual Brush Pens are certainly more suited for calligraphy, brush lettering and hand lettering.

Dual Brush Pens for Lettering and Calligraphy

You have been hooked to the amazing hand lettering videos shared on TikTok and Instagram and want to try it yourself... where to start?

There are myriads of talented artists who have mastered the art of drawing letters in an artsy and creative style. It's more than writing, it takes creativity to turn a simple letter or word into a work of art.

Another term you may have heard is "calligraphy". Calligraphy is the art of writing letters with tools that are pressure-sensitive, this applies to brush pens, dual brush pens and any other writing tool that can be adjusted through grip pressure.

The concepts of “modern calligraphy,” “brush calligraphy,” or “brush lettering” are all under the umbrella of calligraphy.

Apply pressure to the flexible brush tip to achieve strokes of varying widths with ease.

Doodle, draw and colour in with your Dual Brush Pens

Creating fantastic lettering compositions sometimes introduces you to doodling and drawing. Or maybe you have no interest in lettering, but are looking for the perfect colouring-in pen for your colouring books and journals.

This is an other-wordly creation by Josie, made with Life of Colour Dual Brush Pens and featuring the perfect combination of lettering and illustration.

Creating handmade cards is another use for your Dual Brush Pens that can involve putting your drawing skills to good use.

Use the soft brush nib to doodle, colour and letter and then finish the card by adding little details with the thin tip. In this case Mary Anne Ramirez used her black pen to add doodle details all over this set of fun cards.

Watercolour effects with Dual Brush Pens

Sometimes a splash is the missing touch, the Dual Brush Pens have water-based acid-free ink that will allow you to create watercolour washes with ease.

Simply paint on a piece of plastic with the dual brush pens, add some water and use it as a big stamp to create a soft background for your lettering, doodles, cards or other forms of art.

Want to try them yourself? Shop Dual Brush Pens and get your lettering journey started!


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