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Aussie Rocks Giveaway

We have a winner! 

The winner will be revealed at the end of this video.

Once again we would like to thank you all for participating in or spectating our incredible Aussie Rocks Giveaway. Go ahead and watch it to see who wins, and if you can spot your rock. So sorry we could not include all 709 rocks! The video would have just been too long! We managed to include about 250 rocks in the 5 minute video. 

Can the winner please write back to me with their address so you can get your Power Pack delivered to you!

Watch this space for our next giveaway!

Here are some of our favourite rocks from the giveaway. 

aussie rocks competition

aussie rocks competition

aussie rocks giveaway

aussie rocks giveaway


Thank you to all of you for entering. Final count! 126 people and 709 rocks!!!

Alicia Bottin 1
Shari Chapman 5
Jessica Long 11
Monika Gonzales 8
Kim Carter 1
Tracey Whitfield 3
Jodie Herden 2
Tanya Roberts 3
Nerida Carter 5
Sue Hopcroft 1
Rebecca Sarcia 1
Laurie Shirazi 5
Kristy Barker 2
Lissi Jane Knight 1
Elen N Bill Tibbet 2
Sandra Harper Ryan 3
Mellanie Sbrana 3
Gabby Frizzell 9
Maree Draper 1
Lauri Fettell 10
Catherine Aurelius 1
Tamara Boswell 5
Stacey MOntford 5
Fee Sinclair 9
Temeka Beetson 6
Jenny Evans 3
Amanda Melissa 20
Sandra Williams 4
Rebecca Smith 10
Gill Anne Mumma Rowech 3
tina staunton 1
Midge Olsen 6
Angela Vite 2
Sherree Molles 3
Aleisa Smith 2
Hannah Leigh 3
Sarah Lutze 1
Rebecca Dalton 9
jemma dinsdale 4
Sandra williams 2
Belcam Kay Jeswill 10
Jemma Dinsdale 2
Fran Trenery 7
Debbie Green 12
Krïśtÿ Tūrtōń 71
Cheryl Jane Hartley 2
Vanessa Matthews 10
Lace Ebony Hoare 1
Leisharn Tomkins 1
Kylie Jensen 1
Andrea Crocker 3
Simone Shelton 19
Shannon Malone 10
Jodi Tapp 1
Tasha Irvine 14
Alison Weir 1
Karen Stevenson 21
Kala Chand 5
Nicoel Malone 1
Tegan Pigner 1
Pricilla Edwina Smithdoe 7
Kel Stephensen 6
Nicole Ryder 4
Sarah Nicole Hickey 19
Kylie Radford 8
Kayla Phillips 34
Katrina Lewthwaite 1
Katlyn Wilkinson 1
Tamara Earl 5
Leonie Goodsell 2
Kate Miller 1
Shyane Gibson 3
Candice Louise Mannix 18
Iggy Guy 16
Suzane Cleary 4
Renae Crosby 8
Narelle Ryan 1
Rebecca Ryan 2
Tammy Joanne Clarke 9
Doris Zerafa 1
Gillian Haldane 15
Cathy Dokter 2
Jenny Hudson 1
Maddie Unicomb 2
Gemma Jones 21
Louise Mooney 5
Raelene Cous 1
Kalsey Fear 16
Gina maples 5
Linda Wilkes 1
Fiona De Carle 1
Alanna Cameron 5
Jacinta Chabros 8
Ruth Purnell 3
Julie Harper 6
Julenne Kendrick 3
Michelle Fairbrother 4
Brianna Debris Lampadarios‎ 1
Chrystal Sinclair 1
Skye Jones 3
Tracey Gee 4
Jillian Passfield 1
Rosie Stolzenberg 1
Karen Morris 8
Penny O'Shea 1
Hayley Vanderloo 6
Samantha Dalby 1
Kat Braxton 1
Sandra McSweeny 2
Ingrid Mitchell (school of rocks 23
Bronwyn "Bonny" Oxlade 2
Rebecca Wilson 1
Annette Hall 3
Dianne Watkins 1
Jenny Hudson 4
Farren Gibbons 3
Angela Hart 2
Jazmin Jones 1
Karen Parker 3
Joanne Thompson 2
Sharon Bigpond 3
Cedar Warren 1
Josephine Comb 1
Rebecca Neill 2
Diane Watkins 2
Jane Weng 7

Thank you to each and every one of you for playing!


At the beginning of August we announced this fun rock competition open to all of our Australian Rockers. 

Australia ROCK PAINTING crowd, we have a very colourful giveaway for you!

🏆 The prize is a Power back bundle - all 4 sets of our paint pens!!! This isn't a contest based on skill, so you can join no matter how you draw! It will be a "lucky draw" so the winner will be chosen at random to keep things fair and fun 
👇 keep reading to find out about the extra chances!

How to participate?

❤️ Paint a rock with any Aussie Theme. Go wild with your imagination. It can be as simple as a flag or Aussie nature like a beach, Uluru or the outback. It can be your favourite Aussie saying, Aussie animal or bird, favourite sports team emblem....anything Aussie! More rocks mean more entries! 1 rock = 1 entry
💜 Take a picture of the painted rocks
💛 Come to our Facebook page and make a post that contains the photo of the rock/s (you can post as many times as you like, each unique rock counts as 1 entry)
If you are not on Facebook email it to and your entries will be counted. 
If you are on Instagram feel free to post there and tag @lifeofcolour.pens

Fine print: Only available for people living in Australia (no international entries this time, sorry)

We would love you to include your Life of Colour pens in the picture if you use them. This giveaway is not only for people who use the pens, it's open to all!

Most importantly, have fun! Please spread the word. Share this post and invite your friends to join.

Winner will be announced end August so you have plenty of time to get your entries in!



3 Responses

Julie Harper

Julie Harper

September 01, 2019

It was an awesome and fun competition thanks Life of Colours for the challenge. 👌💜

Cheryl Jane Hartley

Cheryl Jane Hartley

August 31, 2019

Thanks to life of colour for this wonderful competition, it was a lot of fun and great seeing all the beautiful rocks that have been done. Best of luck to everyone. 💚

Di watkins

Di watkins

August 30, 2019

Best of luck to everyone..there are some amazing talented people

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