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Aussie Rocks Giveaway

Here are the entries so far as of Sunday 18 August 19:00 for our Aussie Rocks Giveaway.

Prize is a Power Pack Bundle, all 4 sets of our paint pens.

Thank you to everyone who has entered so far. Keep them coming!!

Please check your name and number to make sure all your rocks have been counted. 

Alicia Bottin1
Shari Chapman5
Jessica Long5
Monika Gonzales8
Kim Carter1
Tracey Whitfield 3
Jodie Herden 2
Tanya Roberts9
Nerida Carter4
Sue Hopcroft1
Rebecca Sarcia1
Laurie Shirazi5
Kristy Barker2
Lissi Jane Knight1
Elen N Bill Tibbet2
Sandra Harper Ryan1
Mellanie Sbrana3
Gabby Frizzell1
Maree Draper1
Lauri Fettell10
Catherine Aurelius1
Tamara Boswell 5
Stacey MOntford5
Fee Sinclair6
Temeka Beetson2
Jenny Evans3
Amanda Melissa3
Sandra Williams 4
Rebecca Smith10
Gill Anne Mumma Rowech3
tina staunton1
Midge Olsen6
Angela Vite1
Sherree Molles3
Aleisa Smith2
Hannah Leigh3
Sarah Lutze1
Rebecca Dalton8
Jemma Dinsdale4
Sandra williams 2
Belcam Kay Jeswill5
Jemma Dinsdale2
Fran Trenery7
Debbie Green12
Krïśtÿ Tūrtōń15
Cheryl Jane Hartley1
Vanessa Matthews10
Lace Ebony Hoare1
Leisharn Tomkins1
Kylie Jensen 1
Andrea Crocker3
Simone Shelton19
Shannon Malone10
Jodi Tapp1
Tasha Irvine 14
Alison Weir1
Karen Stevenson10
Kala Chand1
Nicoel Malone1
Tegan Pigner1
Pricilla Edwina Smithdoe7
Kel Stephensen6
Nicole Ryder3
Sarah Nicole Hickey13
Kylie Radford5
Kayla Phillips34
Katrina Lewthwaite1
Katlyn Wilkinson1

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