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Ambassador Program

Life of Colour is looking for ambassadors to join the team! 

If you love to use your Life of Colour products, post regularly on social media, Youtube and Blogs, and have a decent sized following, then we would love for you to apply.

Being an ambassador will give you access to a 25% lifetime discount off all of our products and occasional free product or product testers (at our discretion). 

You will be part of a creative, inspiring and colourful team of artists of all types.

In return for this discount, you will be obligated to do the following.

  • Post weekly on at least one channel of choice using Life of Colour products and tagging us in the picture and caption
  • Post in any other related groups and forums you are on using Life of Colour products
  • Post weekly in the Life of Colour Facebook group
  • Be an active participant in the Facebook group and Instagram page by commenting and liking and answering questions regarding your art made with our products
  • Be a loyal ambassador to the brand wherever you go both online and in person
If you think you would like to be a part of the program and get a special 15% discount then please apply below. 
    Apply now by sending us an email to hello@lifeofcolourproducts.com with subject "Apply to Ambassador Program" (you can copy and paste for your convenience).