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Superhero Father's Day Crafts

My Dad has always been the most important person in my life. Amongst the many things that he has taught me over the years like- how to maintain a car, how to cook, to plait, to ride a bike and even how to sew! I can surely say that he has always been my superhero and now my children also think he is totally super cool too!

It seems only too fitting to make him a gift to let him know just how we feel!

SuperDad mug

The iconic Superman shaped design is without doubt one of the most recognisable superhero symbols- so we thought it would look great on a coffee mug with a message to Dad!

Step one:

Choose a mug to paint! You could use an old one from the cupboard or purchase a new one from the store. A plain coloured cup with patterns will work best.

Step two:

Draw the shape of a gem onto the top centre of the mug. We chose to paint a thick lined gem, you could colour the gem in completely using your yellow life of colour paint marker.

Step three:

Take your red Life of Colour paint pens and place an “A” in the centre of the gem. Add the “D” either side to complete the word “DAD”. In order to make the writing neat, keep your paint pen strokes going smoothly one way.

In uppercase lettering paint the word “super” across the top of the gem and be sure to keep spacing even to fit the word in.

Step four:

Write “our superhero” in a comic type of script across the bottom section of the mug. This is also a chance for you to be creative so use your imagination to make your mug differ from ours. Some ideas include- you could choose a favourite family catchphrase, a personal joke or a nickname that is used for your Dad.

We often cheekily refer to our father in law as Captain Chaos which would be a funny addition for our mug.

Step five:

After the paint dries, place the mug into a cold oven and set the oven to 180 degrees Celsius. Allow the oven to come to temperature for about 10 minutes, then bake the mug for 30 minutes. Turn off the oven. Do not open the oven until it has cooled completely.

Additionally you could also give the mug a spray with a clear adhesive spray paint to further protect your masterpiece!


A groovy sign for Dad’s Man Cave 

If your Dad has a special place that he uses to build things, tinker on mechanics or that manly space he uses to get out of the house we often refer to it as a “man cave”.

We used the same colour palette of yellow, red and blue Life of Colour paint pens and wildlife related stencils to use on our man cave sign.

Starting off a sign you need to have a rectangular medium to paint upon- options include a piece of wood, a canvas, a sheet of metal or plastic.

Step one:

Our new Life of Colour stencil pack came in handy to paint a few gecko lizards around the outside edge to make a border. A blend of yellow and red paint markers make a funky looking gecko.

Step two:

On the “space” stencil there is a moon shape that we have used to start mapping out circles for our writing design - if you are confident in completing circles, squares, triangles or any shapes of choice then get straight to it but try to make the shapes around the same size to create a sense of decorative dynamic.

Step three:

Write “Dads” in the shapes you have chosen to use with “man cave” underneath. Alternating the letters colours creates a cool pattern.

Step four:

Design work comes along with a communicating message. For example if we chose birds, flowers and hearts in our pattern it might not convey our man cave message. To inspire the feelings of Dads space we completed the pattern using a dart, swirls, spots, zig zags and stars! 

Step five:

Use a clear adhesive spray as a final step to protect the surface of your sign from the harsh elements. 

Favourite superhero rocks

Think of dad's favourite comic books, movie franchises and characters from TV and put your rock painting skills to work.

Here's a wonderful superhero rock collection your dad will love!


Join the Life of Colour art group on Facebook and show us your Father’s Day creations and get inspiration from others on our site.

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