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Colourful Holiday craft projects to make with your family

Creating your own Holiday ornaments is part of the fun, gather your family and try some of these fun and easy to make crafts for Xmas and Hanukkah. The best Holiday arts and crafts ideas to make your own DIY Christmas projects.

DIY colour-in scribble wrapping paper

DIY scribble wrapping paper

Tutorial by Clare @curious_columbus


The most amazing thing about this DIY scribble wrapping paper is that anyone can doodle and anyone can colour, making it the perfect Holiday tradition for your family.

You will need the 3mm black paint pen that comes with your Christmas Colours paint pens (currently 15% OFF) to make the doodles on a large piece of craft paper.

Colour in as many doodles as you desire using the christmassy colours, such as green, red, golden, silver and white.

DIY colour in scribble Xmas Christmas wrapping paper

Xmas patchwork rock

Tutorial by Daphne Birett

There is something about patchwork that makes us feel cozy and warm... This fun design is very easy to replicate. Create a central rectangle using your fine point Black paint pen, and then continue to layer rectangles hiding their corners to create the patchwork illusion.

All you need to make a fantastic patchwork rocks set is within our Rock Painting Art Box (large).

Toilet paper roll Advent calendar

Toilet paper roll advent calendar

Tutorial by Clare @curious_columbus

Clare used toilet paper roll tubes to make 24 cute little boxes and filled them with the kids’ favourite treats.

Everyone in the family created a Christmas drawing on each box using the Christmas Colours Paint Pens and used glue dots to stick them to a cardboard backing board.

Toilet paper roll advent calendar

Hannukah "Let's get lit" rock

By Daphne Birett

Paint your rock in a deep blue, and once it has dried draw a menorah using a golden paint pen. You can create the flames for each candle using orange, red and yellow.

Add the words "Let's get lit" if you are into funny rocks, or finish the rock without the quote.

Nordic style Xmas scenes

Tutorial by: Tammy Klingner

All you'll need to create these cozy nordic scenes is your trusty Life of Colour paint pens, mixed media paper (currently 15% OFF), and two simple white frames.

For these Christmas scenes, we used dusky red and pink, muted blues and pops of lime green.

Most of these can be found on our Special Colours, and you can also incorporate some of the lovely blues from our Earth Colours.

nordic xmas christmas scene pastel colours

8 nights of Hanukkah surprises

Create your own set of Hanukkah family surprises using your Paint Pens. This amazing idea was created by @truelittletribe!

All you need to try this amazing idea is craft paper to make the envelopes, any of our 3mm paint pens and printer paper for the little surprises that will be inside.

You can create coupons to exchange for movie nights, a milkshake before school, movie nights and more!

Tin foil ornaments with flair

Tutorial by Clare @curious_columbus

Who doesn't love shiny things? These wonderful ornaments are very engaging for young kids, and the possibilities are endless.

With some cardboard, puffy paint and tin foil you can create the base. We show you two fun options, a traditional Christmas colour palette and a fluro colourway! Which is your favourite?

You can find Christmas Colours and Fluro 6-packs for 15% OFF for limited time only.

tin foil ornaments with puffy paint and paint pens

Reindeer ornament

Tutorial by Stacey Montford

Reindeers are part of the Christmas imagery, and this adorable and easy to make reindeer will be a fave ornament in your tree!

Get the chocolatey colours and a bit of shimmer by choosing the Classics 3mm in your Paint Pens and Wood Slice bundle to get the exact colour used.

reindeer ornament tutorial

Christmas watercolour wreath card

Christmas Watercolour Wreath easy xmas cards

Tutorial by Tammy Klingner.

This wonderful Christmas wreath is so easy to make that you'll be making one for everyone in your family!

Everything you need to follow this tutorial is in our Watercolour Flair Bundle (choose the Classics 1mm to get the exact same black and white pens).

Windy Snowman

Tutorial by Stacey Montford

Grab your Silky Paint Stix and create this cute snowman! Our Silky Stix and wood slices bundle is the perfect gift under $50.

This craft is perfect for kids of every age. We guarantee, the silky paint stix make it a fun and mess-free process!

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