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How to Paint a Unicorn on a Rock

One of our group members Shari Chapman has shared her tutorial on how to create a stunning unicorn on a rock. If you are new to rock painting and do not have ideas of what to paint or how to paint, this is a great place to start. 

Just grab your new Life of Colour Paint pens, a rock and a pencil. Draw along and follow the instructions and see what you come up with in the end. Remember it takes practice and many rocks to get as good as Shari, but if this is a new hobby, just remember all you need to do is...begin!


Choose a rock and a design, (try Pinterest for inspiration) You can draw immediately with your white pen or if its a trickier design do a rough sketch with a pencil first.

Colour in the design with your white pen.

Start to colour in the details. 

Keep colouring and apply as many coats as you need to make it look solid.

Outline with your thin black pen.

Add the details with your black pen.

You could stop here or add some writing. Grab your pencil and write out a word, like "Sparkle"

Go over the pencil with one of the pens in a single line width.

Then go over the word again and thicken up parts of the letter.

Next add some shadow to the letters with the black pen.


Seal your rock with your sealer (can be bought from any hardware or paint shop, ask for a paint sealer)

There you have a beautiful rock that you can be proud of. Now you can go and hide it and let one of your local rocks groups on facebook know, or keep it as part of your proud rock collection. They are perfect mini canvases and now that you have your Life of Colour paint pens you can create something new and beautiful every day. 

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December 01, 2019

I have never painted on a rock before and found this tutorial very useful . I am waiting for my first order of your paint pens to arrive and can’t wait to give them a try . Thank you ! Kind regards – Judi

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