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Dinosaur nest Jurassic egg hunt

Step 1
Get a rock (like we always say, primed is best, to paint easier and preserve your pens for longer) and depending on the size of the rock, draw one or two eggs using your neutral tones from the Life of Colour Special Colours acrylic paint pens (or Earth Colours).

Step 2
While the egg is wet, shade using brown, use the water brush (or any brush you have available) to blend the colors.

Step 3
While you wait for your egg or eggs to dry, use the light blue to paint the sky.

Step 4
Your eggs should be dry by now, so pick your dinosaur colour and make a small shape with jagged edges. It will look like the dinosaur broke the egg and is looking to the outside world! You can do the traditional green, or like in this case pink and purple.

Step 5
Using brown and black make the nest on the bottom of the rock. It should look shabby and nest-like so don't worry about blending

Step 6
Using your 1mm black pen, draw the outline of the hole and make some cracks coming out of the angles. It's OK if you mess it up the first time, you can cover it with the base colour and try again until the cracks look natural.

Step 7
Paint the base of the eye in white and leave it to dry. You can make a realistic eye or a cartoon eye.

Step 8
Using any colour you want, make tiny specks on the eggs. If your dinosaur fan gives you permission, you could even decorate the eggs with Easter patterns — mine voted against!

Step 9
Find a 1mm pen that's darker than your dinosaur colour and stipple it around the edges of the hole to give it a bit more texture. Stippling is basically making dots very close to each other. If you want to, you can make small scales to add the realistic touch.

Step 10
Using a white pen or a lighter neutral, make lights on the edges of the hole and the top or the egg to help with the 3D effect.

Step 11
Colour the pupil using black, and adding two white drops for a cartoon style (or go all in and make a realistic eye!)

Now you have a very cute and different egg hunt to enjoy for years to come, and nice decor for your dinosaur enthusiast's room! The dinos in our collection loved the newcomers and welcomed them with open arms and many rawrs!

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