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The best craft ideas for Acrylic Dot Markers

Create Dot Art masterpieces and replace the use of dotting materials like mandala tools, cotton buds, paint brushes and paint with just one product: Designed to suit the dotting artist within, we introduce the Life of Colour Dot paint pens! (sign up to receive an email when they launch)

Life of Colour dot paint pens are amazing for dot painting on-the-go, and will make perfect and uniform dots every time using the 5mm round dot tip. You can also vary the size of dots with the amount of downward pressure applied to the 5mm dot tips.

Dots by Sam

Art by Dots by Sam

We also wanted to give you the power to create small details with the same pen: use the 1mm fine tip for precise details and tiny dots.

The set consists of 12 classic colours, with dual tips: a special dot painting 5mm nib and a handy 1mm fine tip. While stock lasts, everyone will get a 13th colour: HOT PINK!

The acrylic paint in our dot markers allows you to paint on any surface, mess free and without set up.

Paint perfect dots every time, anywhere, in next to no time without the added expense of buying dot art tools - the Life of Colour Acrylic dot paint pens will replace all of these products!

Colourful Dot Art Tree Rock

To paint these colourful trees, simply draw a tree trunk and branches using the black pen onto a stone and go over the top of it with the ease of using dot pens!

Simple and effective dot art can be attainable for everyone using the Life of Colour dotting markers.

You can create the same design on light or dark rocks, making a beautiful collection of rainbow trees!


Dot Mandala Stone

Making a mandala can challenge even the most experienced artist, as it calls for absolute precision in placement and size of dots.

Use the Life of Colour dot pens to create a mandala, and the only challenge will be to stop! - simply start in the centre and work towards the edge creating uniform dots every time.

The fine tip end of the pen will allow you to complete lines, resulting in a one-stop mandala tool.

Dot art on Black backgrounds 

A black background coupled with the dot paint pens will highlight every dot you paint - our acrylic paint pens guarantees the colour to stay vibrant on black surfaces.

Use them on black paper, rocks and primed wood. Swap between the two nib choices to give your artwork dimension.

Here's a simple step by step by Jessy Dalglish you can follow as soon as you get your pens:

Dot art on canvas with ease

Putting dots down onto a canvas in a timely manner can wreak havoc on an artist's schedule, but that all flies out the window when applying paint with the Life of Colour dotting pens.

Fast drying, fast application, fast setup and no cleanup coupled with the confidence to achieve a consistent dot shape means that your timetable will improve and your work performance with canvas painting will also be enhanced.

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