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Friendship Day Frog Card Printable

We have a lovely printable pop up card for you to make with the kids or by yourself. It's such a fun project to paint together and gift to friends and family members! You can download the printable here!

Please share this little guy with your friends on social media!!! Juts go to the bottom of the blog, find the facebook icon and share it!

Did you know our paint pens are also perfect for paper? Professional and commercial artists like Laura Moraiti (who made this cutout for us) use our pens in their daily illustration work and absolutely love them!! 

"I love using Life of Colour paint pens for quick sketching of ideas and concepts, and also making colorful illustrations in my usual style.

For this frog, my son decided on green because it's his favorite colors, but I went all in jazzing it up using all my green paint pens for a fun gradient and make the frog pop! The darker metallic shade was the perfect shade for making the shadows, and the pastel green from the Special Colours made the best lights.

That's something I really love about the paint pens as a professional illustrator, it's a fun tool to have in my workflow and quickly make an entire whimsical illustration with them, blending is a breeze, the thickness of the paint is really outstanding, and they give me the handmade texture that I love having in my art."

Laura demonstrates below exactly how to make and colour this frog so that it is a perfect card to share with someone you love. 

For this card we used both greens from the Special Colours (3mm)as well as the pink, together with the green from the 3mm Classicsand the dark green from our Metallics box!

Follow the instructions step-by-step below. 

And ta-da!

How fun is that? Did you enjoy it? Press share below so everyone can have a go at it! 

Happy Friendship Day, friends!


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