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School Kids Competition - Celebrating Fluro!

We have the most exciting news for all school kids in Australia and New Zealand. 

We are holding a schools competition that celebrates all things Fluro. Enter your artwork that celebrates Fluro or Neon Colours, and win a hamper full of Life of Colour goodies for your school.

This is how you can enter.

  • Your parent or guardian can enter on your behalf
  • Your teacher can enter on your behalf
  • Teachers can enter as many students entries as they like
  • If a teacher enters for a child he/she will need to sign and submit this form to give permission for us to post the art piece to social media
  • To enter you need to send us your details on the form below. Kids name, parent or teachers name, and name of school
  • All educational institutions are counted as "schools"; After school art classes, Art Clubs, Home Schools, Scout Clubs etc. Please get in touch if you want to check if your institution is included
  • Once you have signed up you post the artwork to our facebook group or send to with the consent form, and we will post to the group
  • The winners will be chosen by the amazing primary school art teacher, Kate Driscoll from @art_teacher_life and @artsparks
  • The Ultimate winner will win the hamper for their school and the top 5 winners will win a pack of Life of Colour Fluro Pens

Sounds like fun???

Then all you need to do is enter below and start creating! 


The Prize

The prize for your school is valued at $220 and will include;

  • 4 packs of Life of Colour Paint Pens (Water based acrylic paint pens)
  • 1 Pack Watercolour Brush Pens
  • 2 pack of Life of Colour Stencils


1 Box of Life of Colour Fluro paint pens for the top 5 entries 

Celebrating Fluro

Fluro is fun, Fluro is bright, Fluro is get as loud and bright as possible with this art piece and have loads of fun creating it. 

Here are some ideas:

Revamp an old pair of shoes using geometrical shapes and bright fluro colours, make a DIY tie dye shirt or colour eggs in crazy patterns using food colouring... Anything you can think of!

We have 5 fun projects you can make with Fluro Paint pens right here! Check them out to get some ideas. 

If you are a rock painting fan, you can follow this easy Step by step Fluro Bubbles that glow in the dark!



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