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Thank you for entering!

Thank you for entering our Around the World Art Competition.

Now for the Fun Part!

Please submit a piece of your art to our Facebook Group with the hashtag #aroundtheworld or if you are not on Facebook please email them to

(If you are not yet in the group, please join the fun!) 

Submit your art piece that is all about a place in the world or a place in Australia/New Zealand. It can be something special about your home town, or your favourite place you have visited, or somewhere you have never been but dream to go. 

You can draw, paint, doodle sketch, collage, build, sculpt - whatever you want! You can represent beautiful countries landscapes, iconic buildings, flags, cultural symbols, traditional art, food. You can go wild and go on an adventure of a lifetime by submitting as many pieces as you want. 

Entries for the competition close on 17 July, so get them in ASAP!