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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Is Life of Colour a NSW Creative Kids Provider

Life of Colour accepts the Creative kids voucher for use only on the specially made Creative Kids Kits, which come with a beautiful do it at home activity and lesson plan. 

Can the voucher be used on your whole website.

The voucher is only valid for our creative kids kits and not on our other products. We have designed special kits with an activity plan in accordance with Creative NSW that are designed for your children to complete at home in their own time. 

How does the voucher process work?

In order for us to process your Creative Kids Voucher, you will need to make full payment using Credit Card or Paypal (Afterpay, ZipPay, or any other payment method won't be accepted).

Why do we need to pay first?

Our online store is unable to process an order without payment, so this is the only way we can do it. We also need to verify your voucher is valid before deeming your order valid. 

How long will the process take before I get a refund?

While we try our very best to do it on the same day (for morning orders) or the next day, we are a very busy store and the process of submitting vouchers is manual and takes time. The full process should be completed within 3-5 days (5 days only if you order over a weekend)

Should I use my Welcome discount on the Creative kids kits?

If you use a discount for your kit you will only be refunded for the amount you paid. So if you pay $90 the refund is $90 so it is preferable to keep your discount for future purchases since your voucher is valid for $100 and it is valued at exactly $100 including shipping. 

I ordered a creative kids kit and used my discount and added the $9 express shipping option. Why didn't I get my full $100 refunded?

Our kits are valued at exactly $100 including regular Auspost Tracked shipping. If you want it sent with express post that is at your own cost. If you use the discount and add express shipping you can only be refunded for the cost of the kit.
Can I combine my Creative Kids order with other products to save on shipping costs?
Yes, we do allow you to add our other products to your cart if you want to add a few extra items. Using the discount however will still affect the amount you get refunded. If you use the 10% discount across the whole order we can only refund you for the $100 kit less discount applied. The $100 voucher does not apply to any non Creative Kids Kits. 
I got the refund notification but the money does not show up in my account?
It may depend which bank you are with, but refunds can take anywhere from 1-5 days to show up back in your balance. 

Life of Colour Acrylic Paint Pens

Are Life of Colour pens only suited for indoor use?
Both indoor and outdoor surfaces may be painted with our acrylic paint pens and using an appropriate sealer will prolong outdoor life.

What surfaces can I use my paint pens to paint?
-Assorted fabrics like denim, cotton, canvas, polyester blends.
-Glass, Perspex and plastic
-Ceramics and porcelain
-Metal surfaces
-Assorted types of wood
-Stone, rocks and smooth concrete
-Polymer clay
-Paper and cardboard

Are paint pens waterproof?
The paint is not waterproof, but to seal them and make them water proof and weatherproof you can seal them with a paint sealer.

How do I seal the art on the surfaces after I’ve painted them?
-Fabrics can be ironed on the reverse side
-Glass, ceramics and pottery can be cured in a low heat oven or kiln.
-Stone, wood, metal, concrete, and plastic surfaces can be sprayed with a water based sealant or coated with varnish or resin.

Do the paint pens bleed like sharpies and permanent markers when sealed?
If drying time is sufficient (48 hours or more depending on the weather in your location) the pens will not bleed any colour.

Is there anything I need to do to use the pens on material like shoes and shirts, to stop the paint from bleeding?
Thin material causes bleeding, use thicker material like cotton, denim and canvas.

How do painted fabrics go after being washed?
We recommend turning painted fabrics inside out and a gentle cycle for washing.

Can I use the pens to face paint?
The paint is non toxic but not suitable for use on skin.

Can these paints be used on windows? How easy is it to remove?
Yes the acrylic paint pens can be used for window art and generally can be removed with a damp cloth. If left for an extensive amount of time remove with gumption, eucalyptus oil or a razor.

I have an old surfboard painted but the paint comes off what can I do?
Wax coated surfaces prevent the paint affixing, scape off wax and use sandpaper to create a porous surface, paint and spray with a sealer to finish.

What do you do to prepare rocks for painting?
Base colour? Or clear?
Priming rocks with a white base coat for brighter colours or clear coat for darker shades of colour.

Why do people prime their rocks?
To preserve your pens, priming also evens out the surface of the rock, helping with the application of the paint.

What paint is used in the pens?
Our paint pens are water-based non toxic art pens filled with acrylic paint.

Which products are available?
Classics, Special Colours, Fluro, Black and white fine tips, Earth Colours, Glitters, Metallics are available in acrylic paint pens, Watercolour brush pens and sets of stencils.

Can I buy pens in a bundle to save costs?
Yes we sell pens in bundles, you can choose from 2-6 pack bundles

How do I get a discount?
If you are a first time customer you can get a 10% discount by signing up to our newsletter. Regular promotions and discounts will be advertised on email or social media.

How are pens best stored?
Paint pens should be laid flat, assorted storage ideas include:
-Pencil case
-Clear storage container
-Shoe boxes
-Recycled and repurposed plastic containers
-Paint pen storage cases

Which sets are best to purchase to get started?
A double bundle set is great for beginners, Full Monty bundle set is recommended for large groups and schools starting out.

Got the pens, how do I start using them?
Follow the manufacturer instructions-Shake, burp, prime, paint, lid. Before initially putting your pens to use.

Why shake the pen before using?
Always remember to shake pens with their lids on before every use so that the ball bearings inside mix your paint well.

What temperature is best for the pens?
Room temperature, Away from direct sunlight
(do not want them in hot or cold conditions)

Why is my pen leaking?
Pens can leak when they have had the pump valve over pumped, are dirty or not screwed down properly.

Can the nibs be cleaned or reactivated?
Yes by soaking the nibs in hot water, pat dry reinsert.
Doing this should reactivate the nibs. If you have any doubts about this process, please read the Troubleshooting article we put together in our blog.

The pen has dried hard with paint- Can I soak the whole pen?
Do not soak the whole pen - You can use pliers to pull apart the pen and soak the whole top of the pen except the pumping mechanism which you can rinse. Pat dry all pieces of the pen before putting back together.

If you have any doubts about this process, please read the Troubleshooting article we put together in our blog.

Do I need to clean my pens after using them?
You should give your pens (especially the 1mm) a wipe with a damp cloth around the nib when you have finished use.

Where can I get new nibs for my pens?
New nibs for your paint pens can be purchased from Life of Colour.

Can I paint over the top of mistakes or old paint?
Yes - once paint is dry you can paint over the top with another layer or colour.

How long does it take for paint to dry properly?
It is recommended to allow paint to dry in between layers which is around 10 minutes and up to 48 hours before using spray sealers to avoid reactivating the paint.

How do I make the Fluro colour paint pens glow?
By using an ultraviolet light or torch to shine onto the art completed with our Fluro pens.

Where does everyone purchase their nice smooth stones for rock painting?
Landscaping suppliers, nurseries and Bunnings- buy raw rocks only- no polished or wax coated stones.

What tools and equipment do I need to purchase to use the pens?
Paint pens are a stand alone product and do not require any other specific equipment to paint with. You can add brushes and other craft equipment if you like.

Life of Colour Watercolour Brush Pens

Which surfaces are best suited for painting with the watercolour pens?
-Quality artists paper
-Watercolour paper (cold press, hot press, rough finish)
-Handmade paper
-Bond paper
-Calligraphy paper

What paint is in the watercolour pens?
The watercolour brush pens are non toxic, filled with watercolour pigment.

What material is the brush tip?
The brush tip is made of soft, fine nylon bristles.

Wondering if anyone has tried the LIfe of Colour water colours on rocks yet and how did you get on with sealing afterwards?
Watercolour brush pens can be used on mat white base coated surfaces. Sealing the watercolour will reactivate the paint and cause running.

What is the water brush used for?
Available in the Watercolour brush set is a refillable water brush you can use for blending and creating watercolour effects.

You need to unscrew the top and fill the water brush with water before using it.

Are the watercolour pens capable of completing fine lines,calligraphy and hand lettering?
Yes, by using gentle controlled brush strokes. Minimal pressure on the tip for fine lines and thicker strokes holding the pen at around 30 degrees.

I want to shade and layer colours- how is this possible?
Blend colours by laying one shade on top of another. Work from light to dark tones.

How can I create ombre effects?
You can touch or rub two marker tips together to create gradient or ombre effects.

Should I clean the brush tips after using them?
If you have been blending colours together or you notice discolouration on the brush tip you should clean it.

How do I clean my brush tips?
Dip them in water and lay strokes on a scrap piece of paper until the brush tips go back to their original colour.

I am new to painting and unskilled. Does anyone know where I can buy stencils so I can cheat a bit?
Purchase stencils through our online store.



Is the cost of postage added to my order?
Postage is free Australia wide and is capped to $6 for New Zealand residents.

Are there different payment options available?
Afterpay, Zip, PayPal, Visa, AM EX, MasterCard and Applepay are all accessible options to pay for your purchases.

What is the procedure for Returns?
30 days from the time of your purchase, after that unfortunately we can’t offer you a refund or exchange. The item must be unused, in original packaging and condition with a receipt.

When are partial refunds are granted?
- Pens with obvious signs of use
- Any item not in its original condition, is damaged or missing parts for reasons not due to our error
- Any item that is returned more than 30 days after delivery

Can I get a refund for Sale items?
Only regular priced items may be refunded, unfortunately sale items cannot be refunded.

How can I qualify for a product exchange?
We only replace items if they are defective or damaged.

My return was a gift. Can I still get a refund?
If the item was marked as a gift when purchased and shipped directly to you, you’ll receive a gift credit for the value of your return. Items not marked as a gift will require refund to go through the gift purchaser.

What address do I send my return item to?
To return your product, you should use tracking and mail your product to:Life of Colour, PO Box 2033, Rose Bay North, 2030, NSW, Australia.

How do I send an enquiring to Life of Colour?
Enquiries can be completed through our online store or by sending us an email at:

I want to leave a positive review. How can I do so?
Reviews are welcomed via our online store.

Are the pens available in stores?
Life of Colour Products are in the following stores;
-Art Shop @ Rose Bay (NSW)
-Opus Design (NSW)
-Kinokuniya (NSW)
-Art on King (NSW)
-Laugh and Learn (NSW)
-The Art Shop Mona Vale (NSW)
-Mac & Milly Educational Toys and Supplies (Victoria)
-Edartsupplies - Educational Art Supplies for -Schools and Home (WA)
-Jase's Books (South Australia)
-The Gift Shack (Wellington, New Zealand)

What is the Ambassador Program?
If you use Life of Colour products, post regularly on social media, Youtube or Blogs, and have a decent sized following, apply to be an Ambassador to gain access to a 40% lifetime discount off all of our products and occasional free product or product testers (at our discretion).

What do I need to do to fulfill an Ambassador obligation?
-Post weekly on at least one channel of choice using Life of Colour products and tagging us in the picture and comments
-Post in any other related groups and forums you are on using Life of Colour products
-Post weekly in the Life of colour Facebook group
-Be an active participant in the Facebook group and page by commenting and liking and answering questions

What is the mentoring program about?
Teaming up together in our Life of Colour art group to assist with tips for creating your art.