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Life of Colour Elephant Painting Kit

Life of Colour Elephant Painting Kit

Embark on a Majestic Artistic Journey with the Elephant Board Painting Kit

Introducing the Life of Colour Elephant Painting Kit, part of our Animal Series, crafted to capture the grandeur and gentleness of the elephant through the meditative art of colouring. This kit embodies the attributes of strength, memory, and family ties, encouraging you to explore a creative sanctuary of peace and grounded power.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 x Large Elephant Board with engraved lines for guided colouring (40cmx32cm, 3mm thick)
  • 1 x Pack of Essential Colour Acrylic Brush Tips with 16 acrylic brush pen
  • (Optional add on) Juicy Gel Pens to add shine, shimmer and intricate details
  • Inspirational Guide for Colour Selection and Techniques

Explore and Express: Venture into the noble world of elephant colouring with our beautifully designed kit. Each stroke and contour on the board reflects the elephant’s serene and majestic essence, guiding your colouring journey and enhancing your connection to this wise creature. As you apply colours to the textured details, let the act of colouring become an immersive experience in mindfulness and artistic expression.

Complete Something Powerful: Suitable for artists of all skill levels, the Elephant painting kit offers a rewarding and engaging creative endeavor. The engraved MDF board provides a perfect canvas for your artwork, with our premium acrylic brush pens ensuring a smooth, nuanced application of earthy tones. Use our Inspirational Guide or let your natural creativity flourish, crafting an Elephant that symbolizes your personal interpretation of resilience and calm.

Showcase Your Artistic Mastery: The satisfaction of creation is fully realized when you share and display your finished piece. Once your Elephant is complete, it becomes a profound piece of decor, ready to be admired and to radiate its protective and nurturing spirit in your chosen environment. Hang it in your home or office to not only elevate the space but also to serve as a symbol of your creativity and connection to nature.

Delve into the art of colouring with the Life of Colour Elephant Painting Kit, embrace the powerful symbolism of the elephant, and create a masterpiece that resonates with your soul’s journey towards creativity and tranquility.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Amber Dillon
    Stunning 😍

    I absolutely love this board 😍 I am still in the process of colouring simply because I don't want to finish it so quickly, do yourself a favour and invest in this small part of me time you won't regret it 😀

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