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Life of Colour Hamsa Painting Kit - Florals

Life of Colour Hamsa Painting Kit - Florals

Embrace the Essence of Art with the Hamsa Painting Kit

Introducing the Life of Colour Hamsa Painting Kit, part of our Mystical Collection, designed to blend the ancient art of Hamsa with the therapeutic practice of colouring. This kit captures the spirit of protection, peace, and creativity, inviting you to craft a personal haven of tranquility and artistic expression.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 x Large Hamsa Board with engraved lines for guided colouring (40cmx32cm 3mm thick)
  • Your Choice of Colour Pack from Our Selection of Acrylic Brush Pens
  • Inspirational Guide for Colour Selection and Techniques

Unwind and Relax: Delve into the calming world of Hamsa colouring with our carefully crafted kit. Each line and pattern on the board is a pathway to peace, guiding your colouring journey and helping to ease the mind from the clamour of daily life. As you fill in the intricate designs, let the act of colouring become a meditative practice, bringing you closer to a state of mindfulness and inner calm.

Complete Something Beautiful: No matter your level of artistic skill, the Hamsa painting kit offers a fulfilling and accessible creative journey. The engraved MDF board serves as a flawless canvas for your creativity, with our premium acrylic brush pens ensuring smooth, vibrant application of colour. Follow our Inspirational Guide or let your intuition lead the way, creating a Hamsa that's uniquely yours.

Showcase Your Work: The joy of creation culminates in sharing and displaying your artwork. Once your Hamsa is complete, it transforms into a meaningful piece of decor, ready to be admired and to emanate its protective and peaceful energy in your chosen space. Hang it in your home or office to not only enhance the ambiance but also to serve as a personal emblem of creativity and serenity.

Transform your environment and elevate your spirit with the Life of Colour Hamsa Painting Kit. Immerse yourself in the art of colouring, find solace in the ancient symbolism of the Hamsa, and create a masterpiece that resonates with your soul's quest for peace and protection.

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        Big hand!

        Arrived quickly with beautiful pens and very good quality printed wood, is for a gift so no colour on yet

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        For Halloween this year we have decided to explore some different ways that we can reuse, upcycle and recreate the old into something new.
        We will use our Life of Colour art supplies to add wonderful colour and whacky details to our Halloween craft. So, if you are looking for a cheap course of action this year- follow along and find an activity that suits you!!


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