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Life of Colour Mandala Galaxy Painting Kit Bundle of 3 - Sun, Moon, and Star

Life of Colour Mandala Galaxy Painting Kit Bundle of 3 - Sun, Moon, and Star

Introducing the Mandala Galaxy Painting Kit Bundle of 3- Sun, Moon, and Star

Dive into the celestial beauty of the galaxy with our Mandala Galaxy Painting Kit, featuring three uniquely themed mandalas: Sun, Moon, and Star. Each black board mandala invites you to splash metallic hues across the cosmos of your creativity, creating a vibrant contrast that captures the mystique of the galaxy.

What’s in the Kit?

  • 3 x 40cm Mandala Boards: Crafted from high-quality Australian MDF
  • 12 Metallic Brush Tip Paint Pens. These pens offer a smooth, flowing experience, perfect for filling in larger spaces on your board.
  • Optional 12 Metallic Dot Tip Paint Pens to add both fine and 5mm perfect dots and lines on your board
  • Mandala and Colour Guide: To inspire or guide your artistic journey, whether you’re following traditional colour themes or exploring new combinations.

Why Choose the Mandala Galaxy Kit?

Unwind and Relax: Let the act of painting mandalas soothe your mind and spirit. The precision required to paint within the lines promotes a meditative state, helping you unwind and de-stress.
Complete Something Beautiful:Tailored for both novices and experienced artists, this kit provides everything needed to create a mesmerizing mandala. No prior experience is necessary, making it a perfect gift or personal retreat into art.
Showcase Your Artistry: After completing your mandala, hang it on your walls or display it around your home. Transform any room with your own piece of the galaxy, ensuring your space is always surrounded by beauty and creativity.
Capture the Universe in Your Hands: Whether it’s the fiery vibrance of the Sun, the serene glow of the Moon, or the twinkling allure of the Star, each mandala in this kit offers a unique way to express your artistic talents and decorate your space with cosmic wonder.

Embrace the therapeutic joy of mandala painting with our Mandala Galaxy Painting Kit. Create, relax, and transform your environment with artworks that reflect the profound beauty of the universe.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Kristy Hugo
    Galaxy bundle

    Absolutely gorgeous boards. The metallic paint pens stand out amazingly only the black mandala boards giving you a brand new experience when painting!

    Galaxy mandala kit

    This galaxy mandala kit is so awesome and the paints that comes with the kit are great. I can't wait to start working on them.

    Mandela heaven

    Calming and relaxing. And then you have a lovely display. The colours are easy to use. Love the black boards.

    Great boards

    Another fantastic set of colouring boards - such fun and the metallic on black look amazing!!!

    Sharon Williams
    Love the black backgrounds!

    Like all the Life of Colour products these are high quality. The black background makes a great difference from the usual wood-look.

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