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Rock Painting

Learn how to paint a peacock on a rock. The peacock is a commonly depicted bird in the world of art. It can be found on flags, canvas masterpieces, decorative garden ornaments, wall batiks and stones!

With its massive beautiful tail feathers and iridescent colours from head to claw, this bird has long been fanciful eye candy to its human observers.

Friendship Day is just around the corner and we suggest you spread the love and paint some kindness rocks to drop around your community, or instead of gifting the conventional card why not personalise your sentiments by getting creative and making a “rock card”. 

We will show you how to create a perfectly simple and beautiful heart rock "card" for someone you love. 

If you are new to the world of paint pens and the wave of kindness rocks you may not know where to start. Look no further because our Life of Colour team is here to the rescue with the knowledge to answer all those questions that you may have.

Firstly let’s start at the beginning and take a look at what a paint pen is and why you should choose Life of Colour!

Trouble shooting, what are we talking about here? There’s always the string of everlasting questions and sometimes we hesitate to ask the how, when’s and why’s in the world of paint pens. No need to hesitate here because we are more than willing to help anyway we can and your feedback and constructive criticism is always valued. Let’s start with some commonly asked questions and answer them now with the best of our knowledge.
Life of Colour's brand new Earth Colours pack includes 12 versatile shades representing the earth and nature.
You have a cool sketch or you downloaded and printed a colouring in sheet... now, what do you do? Read this quick step by step to learn how to do it the easy way!
Just grab your new Life of Colour Paint pens, a rock and a pencil. Draw along and follow the instructions and see what you come up with in the end. Remember it takes practice and many rocks to get as good as Shari, but if this is a new hobby, just remember all you need to do is...begin!
Recently we asked members of our community to show us what they have been creating with using stencils on rocks and we were totally wowed! When we first created these stencils they were not specifically made for rocks, but in this community they have become a handy accessory for rock painters both young and old. 

Our paint pens can literally colour the world.

Nothing in your house is safe when Life of Colour is about. 

Your kitchen jars, kids book covers, stationary boxes, old clothes and shoes, wooden tables, ceramic mugs, post box, front door goes on...everything can be coloured!

Here we will show you a few examples of some of the fun stuff we have coloured over the past few weeks. Some of these are from customers who sent us pictures to show off their work. 

Here is our really cute 5 minute tutorial on how you can take a household object almost everyone owns into a beautiful work of art. 
The benefits of this hobby is to get yourself and your kids creative, outdoors and inspired. It is an all-in-one perfect activity for all ages. It gets the kids out the house and off their devices, it is something for the whole family to do together, it inspires people of all ages to use their creativity and it spreads kindness and happiness. It is everything that Life of Colour embraces. 
If you’re one to experiment with your creativity and mix up what you use as a canvas, then we’ve got something special for you. Ditch the paper and snatch up a pebble or rock from your backyard, and explore all the ways this craft will have you addicted.
Historically, artists have always found a way to make use of different types of materials and figments. From various media through to the methods we use to create our vision – adapting to new creative techniques is half the fun of getting creative



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