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Life of Colour launches new Dot pens with a little help from their arty community

The Sensational and Lustrous Life of Colour Metallic Dot Pens

Life of Colour has teamed up with Nikki King, an Indigenous artist and top contributor in our Life of Colour Facebook art group community, to present an authentic packaging design for the Metallic Dot Pens. This new addition to the Life of Colour product line is particularly special- read on to find out why!


Meet the artist behind the Life of Colour Metallic Dot Pens package design-Nikki King!

Who is Nikki?

Nikki was born in Townsville Qld in 1970. After her family began researching family heritage they discovered lineage to the Warrgamay community and connections back to country began.

Nikki says “Growing up in Townsville was great except there was a lot of racism towards aboriginals. I had no idea of my heritage until I was in my early 20’s. It was not acknowledged in our family growing up. My Grandmother and her siblings were taken from their mob and put in Yarrabah mission.”

Nikki started painting at the young age of 13 and has always loved arts and crafts, creating and feels most connected to her ancestors when she is painting.

Colour Rush Competition Winner of the adults section

Nikki was selected by a guest judge to be a finalist for the Life of Colour Colour Rush Competition and then went on to be peer voted as the winner for the adults section of the contest. 

The winning piece is titled “Tiddas” and is a representation of her sister’s and the family daughters, “always together - our souls attached forever”. Nikki says that she felt so proud that something that she created touched so many people.

The Life of Colour art community

Nikki is a valued member and contributor of the Life of Colour Art Group on Facebook. We asked Nikki about her experiences with the group and here is what she had to say - “The Life of Colour art community is just amazing. There are so many talented artists and creatives within the group who share their crafts everyday. So many inspirational ideas to find and create, so many like minded people to help cheer you on. It is one of my most favourite places on FB to be. It’s a creative family you love spending time with.”

Take a closer look at the artwork for the Metallic Life of Colour Dot pens.

Jodi had a light bulb moment when she decided that she wanted the design for the new Metallic Dot Pens packaging to be authentically designed by an indigenous artist and furthermore a community member that had strong connections to the Life of Colour family. Jodi approached Nikki King and the journey to create something special together began.

The artwork is titled “Growth Through Connecting” and is a representation of how connecting with artists and creatives all over the world has led to the growth of Life of Colour.

Nikki used a unique and spiritual dreaming technique to bring the commission to life.

“When I am creating a commission, I go to bed thinking of the client, this time being Life of Colour. I then dream the design, the patterns, the story. Sometimes as time goes on, changes can happen, but all are dreamt by me.  I feel this is my connection to my ancestors. I have always been a spiritual person, not religious, spiritual.”

To see more of Nikki King and her art head over to the Facebook page Flora Kitty Designs. 

Get your new Dot Pens today and start creating, get some inspiration below. 



Introducing the new Metallic Dot Pens

These pens have been designed to help you to create dot art and masterpieces without the need for any tools and a no fuss set up. You can make perfectly shaped dots that are uniform in size every time.

The handy dual tips provide a 5mm round dot tip and a small 1mm fine tip for precision details.

In the Metallic Dot Pen set you are provided with 12 vibrant, highly pigmented, water-based paint pens filled with acrylic paint that can DOT on ANY surface (eg. rocks, pots, clothes, leaves, tin, glass, paper, wood, canvas, polymer clay etc.) 

The colourful metallics work beautifully on dark surfaces such as black paper.

Samples of art that you can create today!

Kindness Rocks

Try out some dot painting using the Life of Colour Stone slices. Simply prime a stone with paint and choose a design and you are ready to go. There’s no fuss and paint set up required when you are using the Metallic Dot pens! 

For our Mandala art that we designed onto the Life of Colour stone we utilised a white background and the very centre of the stone was given a large circle to begin with. Choosing colours in a rainbow progression from a small dot that progressed in size to a larger dot towards the outer edge.

Art painted by Jessyd_designs

Rock painting on river rocks is also another great activity that you can do outdoors together as a family activity. Take your Metallic Dot pens on your next outing and see what magical creations you can come up with!

Canvas Art

Traditional indigenous artists and creators everywhere can incorporate the Metallic Dot Pens into their art designs just like our wonderful work completed by Nikki King.

Art by Nikki King

You can also try your hand at dot art on a canvas using the Life of Colour dot markers - even the most inexperienced and artists of all ages will have fun painting up a storm.

Black Paper Journal entries 

With the aid of a black background the Metallic markers absolutely sing. We tried out a few beautiful and inspirational art journal entries with our Life of Colour journal and the results speak for themselves in volumes.

Art by Stacey Montford

Work hard, dream big and never give up! A quote that we can all strive to achieve in our lives. 

The Dot pens and colour combinations are so vibrant and stand out really effectively upon the black journal paper. 

Unique metallic journal art can also be simple in design. The metallic paint shines so brightly and due to the perfect dot pen nib shapes the technique of dotting can be achieved by all ages! 

Use a compass to make a guideline to follow and place dots along the lines. For each preceding line position your dots in the middle space and continue this pattern until it is completed.

Colouring images with dots

When it comes to bringing our drawing’s to life with colour we often stick to methods that we are familiar with, however we encourage you to branch out and try your hand at a more creative method called stippling.



Stippling is a colouring method that entails filling an area with many dots to complete an image. To get started with this technique the first step is to draw a picture then all you need to do is carefully dot along the lines and fill areas with lots of dots using your Life of Colour Metallic Dot paint pens.

Get creative and put dots on everything!

We found a project just begging to be dotted- a genie lamp! Once the lamp was completed with metallic dots the children were convinced that at any moment a genie would magically appear!


There was no need to swap between different types of paint pens to design the genie lamp; it was all completed using the Life of Colour Metallic Dot pens. The finer shapes and dots were painted with the 1mm fine tip and the individual dot shapes were painted using the 5mm tip by differing the amount of pressure applied. 

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